MobiStealth Mobile Phone Spy App Pro Version

MobiStealth is a convenient and most advanced spyware that helps anyone to track any mobile phone desired. They need to have root access to the target mobile in order to download the spyware into it. Once it is downloaded and installed it will work silently without the user knowing. There are many versions for the MobiStealth spyware, basic, light, and Pro versions. Of these, the MobiStealth Pro version is the most advanced.


MobiStealth has come as a boon to parents whose children may be wandering into their age related troubles and are able to keep track on them; for employers who have employees who may tend to violate the privilege they get in having a Smartphone, spouses who are spying on their better half etc. MobiStealth Pro works on mobile phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc and also on Windows Mobile. But one needs to make sure that the software is compatible with the target mobile. The features that are available for the Pro version are browsing history log, details of all the contacts, SMS details, many apps details, GPS location, surrounding sound recordings etc.

  • All the SMS es that are sent or received are monitored.
  • All contact details, photos, and videos in the phone will be tracked and downloaded.
  • Any appointment details made in the target phone or bookmarks saved will be sent.
  • Call history log and voicemail access is also available. The calls can be secretly recorded with the MobiStealth Pro version. The number of the received calls can be back tracked and call them to get more details.
  • Personal email that are sent or received can be monitored with MobiStealth spyware.
  • The location of the target phone is tracked with GPS or through a secret SMS.
  • The most unique feature is that the sound in the surroundings of the phone can be recorded in your phone that may give an idea of where the phone is located and what the person might be doing.

MobiStealth Spyware Pro is also convenient for anyone to locate or erase all the details in case the phone is lost or stolen. With a single SMS all the sensitive details or information about any personal matter can be wiped cleaned. Alert will be sent even when there is a SIM card change happened in the target phone.

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Eblaster Mobiles – A Review

Eblaster mobile is a application created for the monitoring of android smart phone or tablets from any place. This is helpful in controlling the activities done through your smart phone or tablet from anywhere no matter of you are at work or vacation.


Key features of eblaster Mobile

There are many features which can be utilized by the user to make sure that their smart phones are under their control.

  • Text messages: The application takes a copy of the texts sent through the device. The copy will contain the number and information about the participants. IT will also contain the date and the time of the sending of the texts.
  • History of Web browsing: The application also keeps a track of the web browsing behavior of the user by storing the website name and the frequency of the visits. This is mainly helpful for the monitoring of the children using their phones.
  • Location facilities: the application also tracks the location of the mobile phone using the GPS or cell site location of the phone. This helps in keeping track of the children who tends to lie and get away to places.
  • Voice call log: This part keeps track of the voice calls and gives the information to the customer. The logs will have the information about the callers and the time of calling. It even captures the duration of each calls that the user had with the phone.

Additional functions

The above said features were the basic function of the applications. There are also many additional functions like:

  • Convenient and secure: the application is completely secure and the information is stored with maximum confidentiality and will be only produced to the user of the application.
  • Online mobile control panel: The setting of the application is made online and can be controlled by the client from any location and does not need the mobile phone to change it.
  • Stealth Mode: The application completely works on a stealth mode and is designed to be tamper proof. The application is not shown under the applications or in any android market ad will remain hidden till a secret code is entered.

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Reviews On eBlaster Mobile Software

eBlaster mobile is targeted for parents who want to monitor the mobile usage of their children. It can also be used to track co-workers, employees or cheating spouses. This software works both on android smart phones or tablets. The instant notification facility that is there in eBlaster keeps parents or other users informed on the activities of their wards. Copies of all text messages and photographs are sent back to the parents. These are sent back even if the messages are deleted. Apart form text and photos, information on the websites visited, GPS or cell site location, details on all incoming and outgoing calls are all collected and organized into an activity report and sent to the given email address. The frequency of the reports is chosen by the customer. It could be every 10 or 20 minutes or even once daily. eBlaster software has been developed by Spectorsoft who are experts in the PC surveillance field.


Benefits of using the software

  • Once installed, the software cannot be traced on the target phone, not even in the control panel. Hence once installed the software cannot be traced easily.
  • Settings like change of email id, frequency of notifications sent or the activities to be recorded can be changed remotely without accessing to the phone where the software is installed
  • The activities can be recorded even if the phone is thousands of miles away.
  • All text messages, the web history which includes all the web pages visited, location of the target phone users, and a voice call log are all available. From this it is helpful to trace any inappropriate activities of children, colleagues etc. The voice log can display the contact phone number, time and length of call. Text messages too display the phone number, time and content of the text.
  • eBlaster has online access and tamper-proof stealth technology making it convenient and secure.
  • Geofencing is another good feature of eBlaster. A virtual fence can be created using the GPS around areas where the target is likely to venture. Different geofences can be defined at different places on a particular day and on different days of the week.

Limitations of the software

  • The cost of eBlaster is about $69.95 for 1 year’s license which is slightly high. There are other cheaper softwares available with more or less similar features.
  • The software does not work when the phone is switched off or when the phone is rooted. In both these situations, no alert is received.
  • The software also cannot check what apps including malicious apps are being downloaded.
  • Although user agreement specifies that the user of the phone on which the software is to be installed should be informed, this rarely happens. Most of the installations are done discretely without their knowledge.
  • Instant messages can be received by contacting the web-based admin site and request for instant reports, but the URL is rather long and a bit hard to access.

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eBlaster Mobile Tracking Software Reviews

Eblaster mobile is tracking software for Android and Blackberry Smartphone. Installing it in the target mobile will enable to monitor the activities from anywhere. This software is widely used by many parents, spouses, and partners to keep an eye on their counterparts or children. This will silently work in the background and no fishing software can catch it.

Features Available with this Software

  • The entire text message typed from the mobile and the text that are sent as replies to them. The transcript of each and every word will be stored in the account.
  • Accessibility to the web history from the phone. This will help the parents to know if their children are visiting any inappropriate websites. It can also help monitor whether they are wasting time on fun activities than studying.
  • The GPS location service comes as a basic feature and the location of the phone at any given time will be available.
  • All the calls will be recorded, with the time duration and the time it was called and when it ended.
  • The online access to the data makes it easy not to have the target mobile at hand to keep an eye on it.
  • The mobile settings can be done from the online account.
  • All the data will be sent to the provide email address every half an hour and this email id can be changed anytime.
  • The eBlaster mobile software will be visible only when the secret code or number is dialed and the password is entered.


The disadvantages of this software are the inaccessibility to the address book or the calendar events. There is no option to remote wipe any number of information or text message. The SIM change alert is another drawback and the target mobile may change the SIM and the person who is monitoring will be unaware of that. The lack of parental control may also be there for concern.

Customer Reviews

The customers are mostly parents who want to monitor their children. According to them, this mobile app has been a smashing hit except for the lacking features. Whatever features they are offering are of good quality. The lack of parental control has been termed a big drawback. There are spouses who have accomplished whatever they had aimed for while installing this app. But there also are people who are not happy with the app functioning and have failed to get through to the customer service.

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Eblaster mobile software reviews

Take a look at the eblaster mobile software reviews and what people have to say about it before going and buying out this product.


eBlaster is a mobile software that is recommended for android and blackberry smart phones. With the rise of technology, there have been threats regarding unpleasant tour of websites, conversations etc., it is not easy for parents to track their children’s daily whereabouts. Hence, mobile software that works discreetly without giving a hint to the children that they are being monitored. With the help of GPS tracker, mobile spy software works fast and easy providing you with every detail that you want to know including their current location. So if your teenager is in a cafe and claims that he is at school, no need to send a bloodhound. Just track him with eblaster mobile software.

There have been many eblaster mobile software reviews from real users in many websites. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of what they have to say.

eblaster mobile software reviews – Pros:

Just like any other mobile software in the market, eblaster contains all the basic features you need in a mobile spyware. eblaster mobile software shows detail of all incoming/outgoing calls, call duration along with the time. You can even read the text message sent or received. If your teenager is using a blackberry, it can track the blackberry messenger chats.

It works in stealth mode and is not displayed on the desktop of the targeted user’s phone.

eblaster mobile software reviews – Cons:

On the downside, it cant track the contact list or address book in the phone. Many eblaster mobile software reviews claim that it is even unable to track events in the calender, bookmarks of webpages etc. Another con side is eblaster cant detect if some one tampers with the phone or even changes the sim. Unlike many mobile software such as Mobistealth or mSpy, it does not block websites that are unpleasant. Even blocking suspicious phone numbers is not available with eblaster.

Overall eblaster mobile software reviews:

Bottomline, it can be used for monitoring the basic uses of phone but if you are looking for more features, I suggest you can move somewhere else.

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Getting under the GPS skin:

GPS or the Global Positioning System aids people to seek out answers for their puzzles such as routes, directions, your own mobile etc. For eg: If you lost your mobile, use the GPS for tracking your mobile to identify whether it is stolen or not.


Can a GPS chip be inserted in a body?

Believe it or not, as per a recent study, kidnappings in Mexico are up by 317 percent in the last five years. RFID chips, manufactured by a Mexican company are implants the chip in the tissue between the shoulder and elbow thereby sending a signal to the device that the wearer carries. Approximately 178 clients have been rescued around the past decade by this internal chip, claims the company.

A number of applications right from mobile tracking to children’s safety requires GPS system. Majority of the parents are willing to implant a GPS chip inside children’s body for their protection.

GPS Personal trackers:

1. GPS tracker for vehicle – Vehicle nowadays come with GPS tracker allowing them to track your vehicle in case it is stolen.
2. GPS for children – Lots of GPS alert device such as Amber Alert GPS device are guiding parents who need protection for their kids when they are in school or out of their sight.
3. GPS Teen tracking systems – As per research, teenagers from age of 16 – 25 engage in accidents, violations due to high speed driving which is a nightmare for more those on the road. GPS tracks and controls the speeding limit of your teenager’s driving thus promoting careful driving.
4. GPS Doggy Collars – Collars and fences for dogs are available with GPS tracking system which consists of one transmitter on dog’s collar and another a receiver which you can hold. New generation transmitters even work on your mobile or computer guiding the dog owners to keep a track of their pet’s location. Few companies have come up with fence tracking techniques which helps the owner if their dog has left the confined area.

Disadvantages of a GPS Chip:

Rome was not built in a day…!!! GPS is still in its progressing stage. So, let me tell you that there is no such thing as implanting a chip in a person as shown in sci-fi movies.

Many people are misled with the fact that microchips can be implanted in your dogs and cats by qualified Veterinarians without any side effects, but sadly they come with a heavy price – your pet. A recent research was conducted by injecting microchips in mice indicated that they developed cancerous cells in their body thus giving a huge proof of risk factors lurking beneath.

It is actually impossible to implant a chip in a person for a simple reason – power. GPS trackers like SilverCloud are almost the size of an android smart phone and needs an internal lithium battery to get charged. Technology is yet to still reach those heights and currently is limited only to personal GPS trackers such as wrist bands and other tracking devices.

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Mobistealth Review – Is it a good Mobile Spyware?

Read the Mobistealth reviews which says it all and decide later if its a good mobile spyware for you.

Mobistealth reviews – to know the product better:

Its a human tendency. We all want everything FREE. So when someone started the rumor in one of the Mobistealth reviews that the spyware can be downloaded for free, there was a chaos all over the websites with people looking for the option ‘free software’ or ‘download it for free’ everywhere. They probably looked for cracked version too.


Unfortunately, nothing worked out and we can’t blame them for the simple fact that Mobistealth is actually one of the topmost products that is reaping good profits with its very many features to look out for.

Mobistealth has not yet made that option currently available nor is there any free trial version available. But they do provide a money back guarantee for a period of 15 days, which means you need to first purchase the spyware. If you are not satisfied, you can return them and get your money back.

The main focus of Mobistealth is to track down all the activities on the smart phone and forward them to the server online. You will be provided with a subscriber ID and password through which you can access all the details. You will be getting the alerts through mails, sms or both whichever you opt for. The targeted phone needs internet on the phone. If at all there is no internet then you will be provided all the info via sms.

Some of the features include:

  • tracking down call logs (incoming and outgoing), call recordings
  • phone numbers from the phone or sim
  • recording all the surrounding conversations of the tracked phone
  • tracks if the sim card is changed or switched
  • keeps a record of websites, its browsing history and bookmarks
  • appointments, emails are also tracked via Mobistealth
  • it will help you to track the location of the phone (i.e. the user) currently is with the help of GPS location
  • any text messages or conversations in the chat messengers will also be tracked

The common benefit is any information that has been DELETED from the phone WILL ALSO be covered and sent to your Mobistealth online ID.

On the con side, it lacks some features that can be seen in other spywares such as controlling or blocking certain inappropriate websites. There are certain spywares which can even block certain incoming calls.

Overall, mobistealth is a good software that contains the basic features which you are looking for to track the desired phone. It also comes at an affordable price unlike many other spywares in the market.

Features and reviews of Mobistealth

Today’s world is flooding with new technological innovations in the form of smartphone and tablets which has the power to carry out almost every action which a Personal Computer could do a few years ago. Since technology is witnessing a fast growth the monitoring of these technologies has also become a concern for many especially parents who are concerned about the misuse of technology by their kids. With the rise of technology, also grows simultaneously hackers who are always on the go to track your personal information to their benefit.

Mobistealth is an advanced application which is designed to track the use of any electronic device for any unauthorized use of the device. Mainly used by parents for tracking their children’s mobile usage pattern and also by top officials to monitor the working of the employees. Mobistealth reviews claims that it literally records all the activities happening through the device be it calls or messages or even emails.

Many reviews claim that Mobistealth are one of the top mobile spywares (or betterly called as cell phone monitoring software or spy phone software). It is a sensitive application as most people are not aware of the real capacity of these applications. The spyware name associated is actually misguiding as the software is not spying but more of monitoring nature. Compatibility is one of the major issues as the application should be compatible with the devices that you are intending to monitor. Currently monitoring software is available for both android and Apple devices. There are many reviews about Mobistealth that opine that they work discreetly in the targeted user’s phone without them even knowing it.

The major features of the Mobistealth software are:

  • Text monitoring: The software records the SMS traffic moving in and out of the device. The recording includes the recipient and the content along with the date. The information is stored in an exclusive database which can later be accessed by the monitoring person.
  • Call Tracking: The software records all the calls along with all the related information like the parties of the call along with the time and date.
  • Browsing pattern: The software also records the patterns of your browsing behavior by recording your website visits along with the time and the date.
  • GPS position: The software enables GPS monitoring on your current position on a real time basis. The positioning is usually done on a map and is astonishingly accurate.
  • E-mails: The software keeps records of the number of mails along with all the related information like the time and content of the e-mail.
  • Stored Files: The software also gives access to the files stored in the mobile. The file scan be of the nature of images, videos, contacts or calendars.

These are the basic function and the advanced software available in the market can do more advanced functions like:

  • Monitoring social activities: Here the software records the social network behaviors like the number of social sites involved by the person.
  • Remote controls: The software can remotely control the target cell phone through programs. This option can be used to even lock and unlock the phone or can be used to the extent of erasing all the data in it.
  • Alerts: You can set up trigger words which can initiate any specified action. The trigger can be set even on a specified phone number. The trigger sends an instant alert to your device.

On the other hand, many Mobistealth reviews claim that it does not have certain features which is easily available in other spywares such as barring inappropriate sites. Some Mobistealth reviews claim that better spywares even block certain incoming calls.

In conclusion, Mobistealth is a good spyware that comes at an affordable price and possesses the basic features which you want to track the targeted phone.

Based on the Mobistealth reviews, it is quite sure that the mobile spyware really is a powerful tool which has the power to monitor every movement from an electronic device and can ensure the right privileges to the person meant to be controlled.

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Stealthgenie – Sms spy software

Stealthgenie is the most powerful mobile phone spy and tracking software that tracks all the activities of any Blackberry or android phone. The application is user friendly and easy to install. Once you have installed Stealthgenie, you need to login. Once you login, the phone’s usage information and its exact location can be viewed from anywhere in the world within minutes provided that you should login from a computer.



  • Calls can be tracked
  • SMS messages can be tracked
  • Track their GPS location
  • Emails can be read
  • Chat conversations are monitored
  • Monitors their internet activities
  • Access to contacts and calendar activities
  • Instant alerts can be set when the monitored phone communicates with a specific number
  • Uploaded data can be viewed

Spy on SMS Message:

Stealthgenie enables you to track the sms messages sent and received on the monitored phone. If your child is always busy texting on the phone, you can simply login to Stealthgene and verify what you child is texting and receiving. Stealthgenie allows you to know the truth of any sms or chat conversations. Logging in to Stealhgenie also helps in monitoring WhatsApp conversations. Stealthgenie finds out the names and numbers of people with whom they are chatting. As whats app enables you to send images and videos, Stealthgenie gets access to any photos and videos that you have sent or received and at the target place where you have saved them.


  • When you login to Stealthgenie spyware, you can monitor the target phone’s inbox and sent message from it.
  • Easy access to read all the messages and their contents.
  • Once you have downloaded Stealthgenie, the names and numbers of all SMS recipients and senders will be sent promptly at your online account without the knowledge of the user.
  • The details regarding the date and the time at which the message was sent and received will be known using this Stealthgenie application.
  • All the sms messages are uploaded to your online Stealthgenie control panel which can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • You can send message from the targeted phone to any number saved in the phone. The recipient will think that the message is send by the owner of the targeted phone.

Login with Stealthgenie for recording cell activities

Stealthgenie has been one of the powerful application used in mobile phones to keep track of the targeted mobile phone. WIth a simple login in Stealthgenie, you can monitor all the activities of any iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. The targeted phone’s usage information and GPS location can be viewed from anywhere in the world within minutes. This application works in stealth mode which means that the targeted phone user will not be aware that his phone is being tracked. Stealth mode is same as that of invisible mode.

Stealthgenie comprises of the following features:

  • Simply login to Stealthgenie and you can track all the call logs, message logs.
  • Track of Instant messengers such as Facebook chats, Viber chats, Skype chats, BBM chats, iMessage chats and Whatsapp chats
  • Instant alerts can be set when the phone user communicates with a particular number or person either through a message or a call.
  • Chat conversations are monitored.
  • Internet activities are tracked

Cell record:

Stealthgenie has been an amazing application that keeps record of all activities undertaken in the phone be it a message or a call or a chat or browsing or any such similar activities. If your child is always tapping on the phone every time then no need of worries. Stealthgenie is a complete solution for all those who keep secrets in the mobile phone and wants secrecy of their data in the phone.


  • By simply logging into Stealthgenie, you can record all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Also records calls that are made to any specific numbers can also be tracked by Stealthgenie.
  • The entire call log can be uploaded to the online Stealthgenie control panel sitting anywhere in the world provided that you need an internet connection.
  • Stealthgenie facilitates the recording of these cal logs to your computer or just listen directly from the control panel at any time you want.
  • The files- both audio and video that are sent through these instant messengers can be viewed. They can either be saved to the computer or listen or watch directly from the online Stealthgenie control panel.
  • Stealthgenie looks at the BB pins of the blackberry devices that the target user has been chatting with.
  • Stealthgenie gets access to any photos, audios and videos that are all saved in the target’s phone.

Stealthgenie – gtalk spy

Stealthgenie is one of the most powerful monitoring software available in the market. With a simple login account of Stealthgenie, you will be offered with innovative features that go along with the updated technology and mobile applications. A complete capture of the tracked phone will be available using Stealthgenie. This includes monitoring of the calls sent and received; messages sent and received GPS location, internet activities, contact details etc. To make use of the Stealthgenie software, you need to first install Stealthgenie, and then login. All details regarding the targeted phone can be tracked from any computer in the world within minutes.

Stealthgenie comes with innovative features such as

  • All sms messages can be viewed- both sent and received messages.
  • Emails can be read and sent from the targeted phone.
  • Every calls can be monitored be it incoming or outgoing.
  • Access to all contacts and their details
  • All the internet activities that the owner of the targeted phone uses can be viewed.
  • GPS location can be tracked.

Gtalk and Stealthgenie Gtalk spy software:

Gtalk also known as Google Talk is the instant messaging service developed by Google. Gtalk works on Microsoft Windows, Blackberry, and Android and Chrome operating systems.

With Stealthgenie, all messages sent and received in Gtalk can be tracked even without the knowledge of the phone user. Stealthgenie is useful for parents, employers and spouses to monitor a targeted phone. Employers use Stealthgenie to make sure that the company data is not shared with unauthorized persons. Stealthgenie is a curse for those who keep lots of secrets in their phones.


  • With Stealthgenie, you can view all Gtalk chat conversations
  • When you login into Stealthgenie, you can view all the record of the email addresses and IM names of people with whom, the target has been chatting with.
  • All details regarding the chat such as date and time and place of chat will be known even without the knowledge of the target user.
  • All Gtalk conversations can be uploaded in the Stealthgenie control panel if you have an internet connection.
  • The contents in the chat conversation, can be identified using Stealthgenie spy software.

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Download Stealthgenie – Spyware applications

With Stealthgenie, you can monitor any android phone, blackberry phone or iPhone invisibly. The targeted phone user will not even know that his phone is being tracked. It is like you will have the complete access to that phone and you can use it to do anything. You can text a person or read message that the target receives. You can call any person saved in the target phone’s contact, get their details and also save the conversation log in to your computer or hear it through online Stealthgenie control panel. Stealthgenie is easy to install on the phone. To view the uploaded information details and exact location, you need to install this software and then login. To view the uploaded details, you can view it from any place provided you need an internet connection.


Stealthgenie spyware applications include:

  • Stealthgenie monitors all the calls in the target phone. They include both incoming calls and outgoing calls. Once the Stealthgenie is installed, the person can make calls and text to any contacts the target has. The target user will not even come to know about this. The contacts will think as if the target user is sending message or calling.
  • Stealthgenie keeps record of all the messages in the phones. Be it the message received or message sent. The details of each message including their date, time and contents can be viewed. The messages can be saved in the computer or through Stealthgenie control panel.
  • This software can be used to read the emails sent and received by the target. If those emails contain any files attached, those files can also be viewed and saved
  • The internet browsing history of the target user can be easily accessed. The sites which he referred for, checked for at which time , date and day etc.
  • The GPS location can be tracked using Stealthgenie. This is more useful when the situations of crime arise or anything wrong is happened. The exact location of where the target is currently located can be known.
  • Stealthgenie provides easy access to chat conversations. All files sent through any chats be it FB, Whatsapp, BBM, Skype etc can be viewed, their full chat history, contents in the conversation will be known
  • It monitors all the contacts saved in the target’s phone. Makes use of these contacts to send message and call them, Neither the contacts not the target will know that the phone is being tracked.

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How can I track a mobile phone without them knowing

If you are looking for tracking a person’s mobile phone without them knowing, then you have come to the right place. There are lot of software’s that can help you to trace your cheating spouse. Here’s how it all works.


Mobile spywares are to be used only for people with genuine reasons. Mobile spywares work discreetly without any noise (such as beep sounds during recordings) and are a great support to catch cheating spouses. They are not displayed in the targeted person’s phone and are quite prompt in doing their job.

Do note that when you are tracking a person’s mobile phone, you will be able to record any conversations initiated in chat messengers such as what’s app, skype or normal text messages (both received and sent). Apart from that another feature would be tracking the calls made during day and night. You will be able to detect the incoming and outgoing calls that have been done while you are out.

Another way to know your spouse is cheating on you would be to track his/her mobile phone with the help of using GPS tracking location. For eg: if you spouse claims to be in office while at a cafe, you will be able to trace it out with this GPS location tracker.

Currently, many mobile spywares come with the help of real time GPS tracking which means you will be able to track the user and the exact location he/she is currently in.

You can also use the mobile GPS tracker for bugging purposes i.e. if you want to listen to the conversation in the surrounding area, spywares can help you to record these conversations. Do use it for genuine reasons and not for manipulative purposes.

While using a mobile GPS tracker, there is a feature that helps you to detect the visited sites and the browsing history even though they have been deleted from the handset.

Mobile spywares that help you to track the targeted user and their current doings provides you with details that can be viewed online or can be downloaded at your discretion. You can also subscribe to sms alert which you will receive at your mobile at regular intervals.

Many mobile spywares can be downloaded free but once it is active they might charge you monthly or yearly fee. Check your targeted phone before downloading any software.

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Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone

IPhone surveillance could have been one tough thing a year ago. With Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone, things got the better of it making things possible with a few clicks. Now tracking your child’s or employee’s iPhone could be a breeze. With a 2 minute installation process, simple download and easy tracking, Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone can be considered as one of the little software in the mobile spyware industry that has an edge.


What you can do with Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone

The Possibilities are endless. Think about accessing the entire iPhone from a PC. And that iPhone could be your child’s or your employees or just about anyone’s you think you should track legally. Mobile spywares are common among people who want to track illegal relationships, Children who go to school, Employees of your company or just about anyone you care for. What you can track is a wide possibility. Think of every SMS you can read, the Messages on chat like Facebook and Whatsapp, Record and listen to calls, and why, even monitor their location with the GPS pointer.

The possibilities of Mobistealth are endless. The way you want to use it is one of the most important things. If you plan to use Mobistealth be sure that you do so legally. You are allowed to install Mobistealth on a phone you own. So if the phone is owned by you, you have every right to install the software without restraint. The employee’s personal phone may not fall under these guidelines and you may land yourself If you install Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone on your employees personal phone

What are the limitations to using Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone

While the possibilities of the software are endless, the use should always be responsible. Usage which falls under illegal measures include tracking personal phones which you do not own and also installing it. Accessing other persons personal information and that, when the instrument does not belong to you is an offence punishable.

Like every software, Mobistealth may have limitations which may not be fulfilled. We are yet to come across one while the mobile spyware does indeed give you complete access to every aspect of the iPhone and with constant updates and up gradations, Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone is ever improving.

Complaints and services on Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone

Mobistealth has had little to no complaints in the past. The software runs effectively and the support and services are rather fair for the price. The price for the subscription package is found to be a bit high but the response for the software itself is great.

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Mobile Spy Software Benefits & Mobistealth

Mobile spy Software or cell phone monitoring software is software which enables a person to monitor the activities happening through another device. Mainly used by parents and employers the software allows them to monitor the activities which are happening through the devices. Many of the users are really not aware of the true capability of the software.


There are many benefits for using a mobile spyware as it helps to know each and every activity happening through a device. This software is extremely helpful for parents who can now be in peace by knowing what their kids are doing through their smartphones or tablet or an employer can be ensure that the employees don’t exploit the facilitates provided to them.

Some of the features that the software provides to the customer would be:

  • Call tracking: The spyware tracks the calls which is done and received from the device. The mobile spyware actually records all the information about the call from the parties to the time of the call and even the duration.
  • SMS tracking: The software also tracks your SMS texts where it records almost every details even the content of the text. The records are stored in an exclusive database which can be accessed by the clients.
  • GSP tracking: This is the next interesting feature of the software where the software gives a real time positioning of the device with the use of GPS and the positioning is usually done on a map.
  • E-mails: The spyware also keeps a check on the emails received and sent by the user of the device. The records are maintained similar to the recording of SMS texts. The database can be accessed by the client at any point of time.
  • Browsing Patterns: The software also provides a watch on the browsing behavior of the user of the device and records the sites and the time of accessing. The information is then provided to the user.

These are some of the regular functions of a mobile spyware however there are advanced forms of mobile spyware which gives a much more advanced nature of services like:

  • Call Recording: The advanced features include the recording of calls for the monitoring purposes along with the details of the parties involved and the time.
  • Social networking Behavior: The software has the option to keep a track on the pattern of social networking involvement from the part of the user of the device.
  • Remote control: Now this is the most advanced function of the advanced spyware. The Spyware enables the person to control the device the controlling ranging from activating the spy app to even wiping the whole memory of the phone.
  • Trigger: This is one of the most interesting features where the trigger is set like a phone number and when this particular number is dialed its sends an alert to the user. The trigger can be set on any event.

These are some of the benefits which can be used for controlling and monitoring the use of smartphones and other similar products. There are many apps which facilitates these advanced levels of controls. Mobistealth is an advanced monitoring software which facilitates the aforesaid functions and is available in forms compatible to almost all the smart electronic devices.

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Mobistealth vs Other mobile Spywares

With the increasing risk of mobile usage, it is important to secure your child’s life from cyber crime. There are many spywares in the market and currently topping the charts is undoubtedly Mobistealth. But what makes Mobistealth better than other spywares for example, mSPY.


Spy on calls:

Whether it is a cheating spouse or a teenage kid, it has become unavoidable to keep an eye for a partner/parent. Mobistealth helps you to keep a track by listing all the calls that have been incoming or outgoing. This is one of the basic that many spywares offer.

Address book/calendar:

Looking up the address book or calendar is one of the features that Mobistealth lacks while mSPY tops in this feature. It discreetly records all the planning or events that are recorded in the calendar.

Sim card:

While tracking the targeted person’s phone, it is important to make sure he/she doesn’t switch the sim card. Mobistealth contains a feature that tracks whenever the sim is switched and reports to your online server. However, the current topmost product mSPY does not have this feature which is what makes Mobistealth beat mSPY. mSPY also has a bad side that it can wipe out the phone memory completely which makes all the impossible to retrieve the information once lost.

Chat messengers:

While text messages can be retrieved by you from the targeted phone, Mobistealth supports only getting information from chat messengers such as Skype. mSPY on the other hand gets all the conversations from many messengers such as Skype, What’s app and iMessage. However, if you are opting for other latest versions such as Mobistealth Pro, you will find this additional feature.

Blocking facility:

Mobistealth lacks both the facility of blocking calls (incoming & outgoing) as well as blocking inappropriate websites on the browsers. However, mSPY spyware has the ability to block all the unwelcoming incoming calls on the user’s phone.

Mobistealth comes at an affordable price and is quite easy to install unlike other spywares. Do note all these mobile spywares work discreetly without letting the phone user know that he/she is being watched.

Before downloading, check if the spyware is compatible with your phone.

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Tracking apps for all phones – Mobistealth

Mobistealth is an advanced mobile spy applications that helps you to track the functions of any smart phone targeted in your mind.

How does mobistealth work:

Mobistealth is one of the topmost spywares that features very many tools to track the targeted phone. It is quite simple to download. Just install the app in the targeted phone and its ready to use. Now log in to the mobistealth website with the unique ID and password that has been provided to you and you can track all the information you require from the user’s phone.


Call recording and call logs:

With mobistealth spyware, you will get all the information about the caller which even includes the conversation that is recorded promptly. You can even check the call logs (i.e. incoming and outgoing) by using this mobile spyware.

Voice recording:

With mobistealth comes another spy call feature that enables you to listen to the surroundings of the phone. In that way you wil get an idea of the environment the phone user is currently in.

Messages (SMS) & Chat messengers:

The mobile spyware, Mobistealth also hunts down all the messages that have been received/sent from the targeted phone. If the person is using chat messengers such as what’s app, you will be able to record all the conversations that happen during the what’s app.

An additional feature of reverse phone look up (i.e. getting the name & other information of the user by looking up at the phone number in the targeted user’s sim) can also prevent many cyber bullying or cyber harassment. This feature is included in the new Mobistealth Pro version.

Video/Picture backups:

Mobistealth promptly takes a backup copy of all the videos or images that have been sent or received in the phone and forwards it to your mail address. This prohibits misuse of camera facility in phones.

Email logs, looking up websites:

Mobistealth contains another feature of looking up the mails that have been received or sent in the phone even if they are deleted immediately. Also, if your teenage kid has been visiting some unpleasant sites, then it will be immediately notified to you. Mobistealth tracks down the browser history, bookmarks etc. and alerts you via mail.

There are other features too in Mobistealth such as accessing the phone book, or notifying you when the sim card is switched. Mobistealth is one of the spywares that offers many advantages with a simple click. Once you have installed them, it provides easy access to all the information in the phone. It is compatible with almost every smart phones in the market such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone etc. Make sure to check your compatibility before downloading.

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SMS Tracker For Mobile Spying & Mobistealth Features

The technological world has witnessed a number of innovations in the form of advanced electronic devices which are capable of carrying out many functions which was previously possible by a personal computer. Mobile spywares were introduced to monitor the activities of these devices and to keep them from being misused. The software was developed mainly to meet the needs of parent and employers who want to monitor the usage of the devices and to ensure that it is not misused.


Mobile Spyware has a number of features which help a person to monitor the use of another device. It monitors almost every aspect of the working of a smartphone or a tablet. The most common function of the spyware is to record all the activities happening through the device. The common activities which happen are the sending of texts and calls. The spyware records all the information which is sent or received through the device.

The spyware records the number of SMS texts sent and received by the user. It records all the aspects of a text message like the content of the message, the parties involved, date and the time of sending or receiving. The records are stored in an exclusive database which can be accessed by the client. Similarly the calls are also tracked to the extent of the parties, date and time. Advanced spyware provides the option to record the calls and store it for future monitoring by the client.

Some of the other features of the software include the accessing of tracking of the e-mails sent and received through the device. The software can also track the user with GPS and give an option to monitor the movement of the device on a real time basis and is generally plotted in a map. The software also enables access to the files in the device which can be images, videos and contacts. These files can be accessed by the client.

These are some of the interesting feature of the Mobile Spywares and can be very useful for parents in keeping an eye on their kids activities through devices like smartphone and tablets. It is also helpful for employers to see that the company provided devices are not misused.

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Mobistealth – Mobile Phone Monitoring Software

Cell phone monitoring software or mobile spyware as commonly known is cell phone monitoring application which monitors the activities that are carried out through the device. Mobile spyware is a powerful tool which has some really advanced functions which are not clearly aware by the users. This software mainly aimed at parents and employers who wants to have a control on the usage of the devices as technology is really advanced which made these devices capable of a lot of things.


The term spyware actually misleads customers as it makes them think it spies on technological devices without permission but actually the software is just used for the monitoring of activities carried out through the device. The main aim is to enable parents to monitor their kids cell phones and also for employers to keep an eye on the company provided cell phones for any malpractice.
Mobile Spyware or the Cell phone monitoring software provides a large range of functions. The basic functions provided by basic monitoring software are:

  • SMS tracking: The software the tracks the movements of SMS by recording the details of the messages like the parties, time and the content of the messages.
  • Call Logs: The software records the information of all the calls that the person is involved in and is stored along with the time and the information of the parties involved. The software stores this information in a specialized database which can be accessed by the concerned person anytime.
  • Files: The software also keeps a track on the files which is stored in the device. The files stored can be images, videos, contacts etc. The software keeps a mirror image of these files for the monitoring purpose of the concerned client.
  • GPS tracking: This is the advanced function of all where the software tracks the position of the person by the help of GPS and gives the status on a real time basis. The tracking is usually done on a map.
  • E-mails: It not only tracks the device related information but also your internet related activities, the main being the tracking of the e-mails sent and received. All aspect of the e-mail is tracked and stored in a database which is available at any moment for the client.
  • Browsing: This is the next internet related tracking where the persons browsing habit is recorded with name of the sites visited along with the time and date.

These are the functions which are provided by normal software. There are also other advanced mobile spyware which can track information like tracking internet related phone application like Whats app etc, record the calls from a phone and store for future monitoring, can be used as a remote control to access the functions of the device, monitors the persons social networking behavior, create triggers which can alert you when the device do something like dial a specific number which is not supposed to be dialed.

As you can see Mobile spyware is a powerful tool which can track almost all the activities happening through an electronic device and can be highly sought for in the future where smartphone and other devices is going to rule.

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Mobile Spyware for android phones – Mobistealth

Mobistealth is one of the android spywares for the current smart phones such as android, iPhone, Blackberry etc.


Mobistealth for android phones:

Sudden was the rise of smart phones with even kids owning one of these heavy loaded gadgets. With these gadgets comes high level of cyber crime such as cyber bullying or cyber harassment that is every parent’s nightmare.

To prevent all these incidents, it is important to look up precautionary measures such as mobile android spywares. Currently one of the topmost spywares in the market is Mobistealth which is quite affordable and contains lot of features that is vital for tracking a phone.

The features are:

  • With the help of mobistealth, you can trace any calls that are incoming and outgoing from the targeted android phone. You can even look up the contacts of the phone.
  • Any changes in the android smart phone done such as change of sim will be notified immediately by sms alert or by mail when you are using the latest Mobistealth Pro version.
  • Any messages that have been received or sent will be sent to your mail address. The Mobistealth Pro also contains additional feature of reverse phone back up which helps you to track the name and number by checking the message on the targeted android phone.
  • Mobistealth also tracks down any conversations, video, voice, text, done by chat messengers such as Skype or What’s app.
  • If the android phone has been to visit any unpleasant sites, you can track them with the help of Mobistealth mobile spyware. It will track all the browser history, bookmarks and display all the sites that have been visited.
  • By mobistealth and the latest GPS tracker, you will be able to track the location of the targeted android phone user. Mobistealth tracks both historical locations visited and real time (i.e. currently where he/she is now).

The benefit of using Mobistealth android spyware are very many. You can even record voice conversations in your surrounding area. Mobistealth android spyware works real discreetly and helps you to track all the things going on in the life of targeted user. The user wont be able to track the silent android spyware as it does not get displayed on the desktop. You can even track the video files that have been sent or received by using the android handset.

Mobistealth android spyware is compatible with many smart phones but make sure to check yours before downloading the software.

Ensure safety with Android spywares:

Android has won the world market in a very short period of time. Since its start, Android has captured a range of phone vendors and has been able to make an impact through the mobile market with a range of applications, spywares and the free market. Android indeed is worthy of a great deal of appreciations and the applications provided by android is even more enthralling. Today android phones take up almost 40% of the Smart phone market. That’s quite a lot. from the custom phones manufactured in china to the branded Samsung Galaxy S Series, everyone of them prefers Android. Not just because its free but its flexibility and usability is even more excellent.

Now with the use of android phones all over, chances are that you are looking for that one special software which can do the trick of spying on someone using an android phone. Yes. There are softwares to do just that and it is known as a spyware. Today, whatever your purpose be, but if you or the person on the lookout has an android phone, your job is much simpler and easy. Currently ruling the spyware market is Mobistealth. Mobistealth is one of the few android (spywares) softwares, popularly called an app, which is used for keeping an eye on others. And its quite good at its job. From tracking down phone calls, to text messages, recording phone calls and even making remote calls to the victim’s phone, All this is possible with Mobistealth. The features of the Spy phone android app, Mobistealth is impeccable and quite a long one. Today very few software vendors can claim what Mobistealth has done already for the mobile phone users. For more information on Mobistealth, Visit the link below.

Mobistealth – The android app to spy on spouse

Like the first thing which comes to your mind when it goes to mobile phone spying, Whom is your wife / husband talking to all the time. Is it business / work or is he / she having an affair someone without your knowledge. being inquisitive is human nature. Doubts building up is simply a way to deteriorating relationship. You could simply ask your spouse tho whom they are talking to but the answer surely wouldn’t convince you even if it were the truth. Doubt is one great problem creator and knowing the answer from your own efforts and reasoning will be the only remedy.

Your only answer which will be satisfactory or near satisfactory would be to actually hear or read the conversation on phone without your spouse being aware of it. Mobistealth is an Android spyware to watch your spouse and their daily routines. You could track conversations, record them, read text messages and why, even whatsapp messages from your computer at home, all without your spouse knowing anything about it. Whats more? You could actually activate the phone remotely to listen to the location they are in, and track down the exact location with the GPS facility. Now if you were wondering where to get Mobistealth the android app to spy on spouse, Download it from the link Below!

Mobistealth mobile spyware for android

Mobistealth, the Mobile spyware for Android is more than software. It’s a utility you could use to make sure that your loved ones are safe. The Spyware concept has been mis-utilized since time in the IT world and the web. The Mobistealth android spyware is different in many ways. Unlike most other mobile spywares, the Mobistealth android spyware has its special place when it comes to the features. When you think of android you can clearly say that 70% of all smart phones today run on it. Its indeed one of the biggest mobile software’s worldwide and probably have more users than Microsoft software’s today.

Mobistealth Android spyware features

Mobistealth has most of the features fixed for all the platforms may it be android or blackberry or the iPhone. The features are almost always the same but Mobistealth has an edge over most other software’s when it comes to android. Mobistealth is one of the few software’s which claims the right to some of the key features. For instance, the feature to listen to surround sound has never been implemented on most other software’s till date. Think about listening to a phone’s surroundings without even them knowing.

The most important other key feature is its ability to track locations even when the GPS is off. That’s one of the most interesting features for most people. Its essential knowledge that most people don’t switch on their GPS feature most of the time. The battery consumption is too high when it comes to GPS usage and people rarely use gps features in their daily life. But being able to track locations without GPS was always a challenge. With Mobistealth Android spyware, that’s a breeze now. GPS is no problem. If the person is online and connected, be sure that you can track their locations.

Cost for Mobistealth Android spyware for mobile

While most people would spend $100 and upward to track a mobile phone, the Mobistealth android spyware will cost you less than $.50 per day. That’s cost effective if you are looking to keep your family safe or want to get to know what your employees are up to. For the fraction of the cost most people would spend on tracking their employees, Mobistealth is far more easier to install, easier to access and has a wider range of features.

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Cell phone location tracking – Mobistealth

Mobistealth is one of the mobile spywares in the market that helps you to track the location of the targeted cell phone user with a simple click.


Tracking the cell location with Mobistealth:

With the level of features in cell phone, it has become easy to fall in dangerous trap of cyber crime or under people provoking drugs. This is often a nightmare for a parent.

Mobistealth is one of the top three mobile spywares in the market which delivers varied features to help catch a cheating spouse or a teenager laying his hands on drugs.

There are many features to Mobistealth such as:

  • Recording Calls – Mobistealth spyware helps you track all the incoming and outgoing calls which includes call recording facility.
  • Track locations – The mobile spyware with the help of GPS can also track the locations of the targeted user. For example: if your partner says going to the office and visits a cafe, you can track them instantly with the help of the cell phone. All you have to send is a secret message to the targeted phone and you can stealthily locate the area, the user currently is.
  • Messages – Mobistealth also helps in tracking the messages that have been sent or received in the targeted users even if it has been deleted from the inbox.
  • Websites – Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also works in tracking the websites that have been visited with its browser history, bookmarks, etc. This will aid in preventing the kids from visiting unpleasant sites.
  • Contacts and Appointments – you can even view all the contacts and appointments that have been stored on the phone.

How to use:

All you have to do is register yourself and download the Mobistealth spyware in the targeted user’s cell phone. Mobistealth works discreetly and won’t even be displayed in the desktop of the cell phone which makes it easier for you.

You will be given a subscriber ID with password from Mobistealth. Just punch in and you can track all the details. You can even subcribe to regular mails and sms alerts with this ID that provides a constant updates of the cell phone. You may be charged monthly or annually as per your plan.

Mobistealth works in any Android, iPhone, Blackberry or other OS such as windows or symbian. Make sure to check your compatibility before downloading the spyware.

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Call recording using Mobile Spyware – Mobistealth

Mobistealth is one of the topmost spywares that helps you to keep a track on your teenage kids or on your employees such as tracking down their calls, voice recording, images and other features that comes along with the latest smart phone.


Mobistealth, the ultimate Mobile spyware:

Mobistealth is one of the topmost products in the arena of mobile spywares that help you to track the targeted person’s smart phone without them even knowing it.

Some of the features include:

  • silently recording all the calls which includes call logs (incoming & outgoing), call recording, etc.
  • easily records voice conversations in the surrounding area.
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also checks the browsing history, websites visited, text messages will be sent to your online account
  • records all the activities in the chat messengers such as skype, what’s app which includes video calling too
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also records the appointments or bookmarks of sites that have been visited by the user.
  • photos and videos that have been received, recorded and sent can also be tracked
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware works discreetly and remains hidden in the desktop, so the target user won’t be able to track down the spyware
  • you can even track the exact location of the user with the help of GPS tracker
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also helps you to receive sms alerts or mail alerts at regular intervals
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware tracks any details even if it is deleted from the phone
  • notification will be sent to you when the sim has been changed.

Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also has a special feature known as reverse phone lookup in its Mobistealth PRO version which means just by looking at the phone number in the sms or call details, you can get the name and number of the person. Usually, other mobile spywares charge you for this, but Mobistealth provides this feature absolutely FREE.

As you can see, Mobistealth is a spyware of myriad benefits. The best part is it works easily in any smart phones with OS of android, iPhone, blackberry or other OS such as Windows or Symbian. They usually charge monthly or yearly as per your choice. It is one of most affordable spyware in the market with vital features.

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Mobile Spyware – Pros and Cons

Mobile Spyware is the new technological innovation which is gaining in popularity with its unique functions and the also the rising need to monitor the use of smartphone and other technically advanced devices. Mobile spywares go with a lot of names like cell spyware, spy phone software etc. People are yet to understand the full capacity of this software.


The mobile spyware is delicate software and has a number of functions which has to be carefully handled. This software is known for its controlling and monitoring features which keeps a track on the activities of other mobile phones having the same application. This software calls for compatibility of devices which you are running it and the ones you are planning to track.
Currently there are many application built for android and for most of the Apple devices. Some of the major features of the software are:

  • Tracking messages: The initial function of the mobile spyware is to track the traffic of the SMS sent and received by the device. The controller can actually get to read the texts as the text will be saved in a special database.
  • Tracking calls: Next feature is that it tracks calls and in some advanced cases get to listen to the calls as this will also be recorded and stored in a specialized database for future reference.
  • Browsing Behavior: The application also keeps track on the browsing patterns of the user of the device and records the sites that he visits and all this information is stored in database for future reference of the user.
  • GPS Position Tracking: The application tracks your position using GPS and records your travel pattern. The tracking is done in a real time basis and can be accessed on a real time basis. The tracking is usually done on a map.
  • E-mails: E-mails are tracked on the basis of the communication and the content of the e-mails sent over the internet. The contents are recorded on chronological order along with the content. The dates are also accurately noted.
  • Phone storage: The application also records about the all the files stored in your phone. The files may include contacts, videos, photos and calendars.

These are some of the main function of a mobile spyware and are clearly a sensitive application as it is related to the entering into a person’s private space. There are many software which available in the market which meets most of the above functions. Mobistealth is among some of the top mobile spyware providers.

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How to monitor a cell phone

Monitor a cell phone? Spying on Android phones, Blackberry, iPhones? Mobile Spying is made easier with the features of the mobile spying software. Mobile spying or Cell phone monitoring are actually the same. The ways adopted in doing the spying or monitoring can be different according to the demands. For parents, this is helpful in monitoring their child’s activities. For employers, it is a performance analysis tool as well as employee monitoring support. For some others, it will be to monitor the whereabouts of the elders or aged people. Anyhow the mobile spying software or cell phone monitoring software is an effective tool for tracking.


How do we monitor a cell phone or mobile phone? The requirement to facilitate the tracking involves the adequate features in the device (mobile or cell phone) and internet connection. The necessary requirements are:

  • The mobile phone or cell phone to be monitored should have the enhanced features that support the installation of tracking apps and should be connected to internet. Smart phones have all the necessary features which support any type of mobile spywares.
  • Choose the best spying software that meet your tracking or monitoring requirements and is affordable. Some of the popular and user friendly spying software include Stealthgenie, Mobistealth, Mobile Spy, Rio Spy, Easy Spy Pro, Spy Era etc.
  • Once the choice is made, open an account at the site. The details captured from the monitored cell phone are uploaded to the web database of the connected monitoring site. This information can be viewed from any computer or from another mobile phone by logging to the site. To validate the account, a valid email address is mandatory.
  • Mostly the mobile spy software is subscription based with a normal subscription fees or can be downloaded and used for a period of time by paying fees.
  • The spying apps have to be installed in the required cell phone which has to be monitored. The installation steps will be provided while opening the account. The installation guidelines will contain the full instructions with pictures on how install on different types of devices.

Now, the cell phone to be monitored can be tracked using the surveillance tools available with the software. Analyze the need for tracking and the features available with each software and opt for the best one which can satisfy the requirements.

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Cell Phone Spy Software – Is it essential?

Cell Phone Spy Software – Is it really essential? The purpose of cell phone spy software differs from person to person. The need of cell phone spy software is mainly to track the activities of a child, an employee, an aged person, as well as a spouse. With the advancement of technology, the reach of people as well as the availability of information has become much easier and quicker. The abundance of data availability has paved ways for good and bad behavior and conduct among different age groups.


Just have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of smart phones on different age groups.

Advantages of smart phone on kids and teenagers:

  • Quick updates on new developments around the world and staying in tune with the information technology development.
  • Easy availability of information related to any topic which ultimately saves time and relieves from frustration of searching from a library.
  • Having a good communication link between the related group of people like parents, friends, teachers etc.
  • Updated on any news through Facebook, Twitter, AOL, WhatsApp etc.

Disadvantages of smart phone on kids and teenagers:

  • Kids become addicted to mobile games which in turn stops their outdoor games. This addiction causes various health problems like obesity, eyesight issues and overall health issues.
  • Access to unwanted information through internet troubles their moral and ethical stability.
  • Teenagers spent lot of their creative time chatting on Facebook, Twitter, GTalk etc.
  • Easy and quick communication link becomes an issue when illegal activities are planned, co-ordinated and executed using smart phone features.

Advantages of smart phone on employees/employers:

  • Employees can have quick updates about all new releases, updates and current company policies from anywhere.
  • Access to the company mails is never a hurdle with smart phones.
  • Audio/ Video conferencing features makes it convenient for any discussions even outside the office premises.
  • Smart phones role and support in tracking applications have made it easy for employers to track their valuable assets on move.
  • People working on field use the smart phone facilities to record their daily working activities.
  • Live demos for any application can be handled using smart phones and hence sales / marketing people are benefitted.

Disadvantages of smart phone on employees/employers:

  • Usage of smart phones for other uses not related to work like social networking, tweeting, listening to music and watching videos.
  • Due to the open connectivity to all resources through smart phone is faster and easier, the risks factors related to privacy issues and management problems are also very high.
  • Onslaught of issues that are bound to encounter with lost smart phones or lost employee with the organization’s intellectual property and trade secrets is very difficult.

What has been viewed or briefed over here is a very small picture of the merits and demerits of the smart phones. All these speculations end up in only one answer. Have the best cell phone spy software or apps installed on every smart phone and enable the tracking facilities from a remote system.

Mobile Spywares silently monitors your child or employee’s smart phone activity on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile phones. Mobile Spy is very easy to install and runs in a stealth mode on the compatible device that has to be monitored. Cell phone spy software is essential for the current life-style and its support is simply great.

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What is cell phone (mobile phone) Spy software and where is it used?

Cell phone spy software is usually installed on a target cell phone to monitor most of the activities that happen through that mobile. Different spy software packages offer various features but most of these spy softwares can monitor text messages, e-mails, GPS tracking, web history and also call logs. Advanced features include monitoring whatsApp, skype and Viber, social networking sites, phone surrounding recording and controlling the target phone. A number of spy software programs available incorporate these advanced features too.


Mobile Spywares is used to track children and find out what they are up to. Some employers use the software to track the activities of their employees. People can even use it to find out if their spouses or lovers are cheating on them. It is much cheaper than using spies to track their activities.

Which phones support spy software?

Most of the spy software will work on all iphones, blackberry, android phones and all tablets running on android and also ipads. All phones must have an Internet connection and also a compatible operating system to run the spy software.
All iphones have to be jail broken (changing the operating system by downloading a simple software) for Spy software to work since Apple does not allow third party apps to run on its iphones.
Rooting the android phones may be necessary to run advanced tracking options like whatsApp, Gmail etc.

Is it legal to track phones?

It is illegal to track phones of others unless you own those phones. Cell phones of children may be tracked by their parents legally, but when employers track the cell phones of their employees, they have to be informed that their phones might be tracked. It is however legal to sell mobile spy software.

General Features of Mobile spy software

Cell phone (Mobile phone) spy software has a number of features which include

  • view all text messages
  • the software allows to listen to all conversation by recording them. It can also track the phone numbers and time and duration of calls. Call logs can also be reviewed.
  • the microphone activation feature allows the tracking person to call the tracked phone and listen to what is going on around that area.
  • the GPS location tracking allows to see all the locations on the map where the tracked person has gone
  • can monitor the browser history to see the online locations visited
  • view all the emails sent and received and also all the videos and images stored in the control panel

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Apps to track cell phones

World of mobiles!! The boom in the mobile industry has paved way for mobile spy software also. Cell phone has drastically changed the lifestyle of people. Due to the improper usage of mobiles, it has become a must to spy the cell phones or in other words spy the activities of the user. Cell phone tracking apps with features of tracking the mobile device or cell phones has become an emerging development segment.


Is it possible to track every mobile or cell phones? The levels of tracking cell phones differ from people to people and business to business. Every mobile device or cell phone will not have in-built features to install the tracking apps. Some devices are tracked with the support of the service providers. The service providers will be able to give the location specific information related to mobile phones. The new generation cell phones also called Smart phones can be tracked by downloading apps to track cell phones and installing it. These apps can be subscription based or freeware. Anyhow it is possible to spy mobiles with the technology advancement.

What are the features required in a mobile spywares? Installing the apps in the monitored cell phone or mobile devices makes it possible for a person to monitor the targeted device remotely.

  • To track a person and his/her route of travelling very effectively with the help of GPS location tracking services.
  • Call details logging, which will provide the details of calls made and attended by the user.
  • SMS logging features, which is very essential to track the activities of the teenagers especially.
  • Video / Audio logging features which will track the viewed, received and created video and audio on the targeted device.
  • Tracking of the photos taken by the phone as well as received on the phone.
  • Tracking the internet usage as well as the web pages viewed by tracking the browser history.
  • Mailbox tracking which will enable to track all the emails sent and received and the time stamp of the mails.

Real-time tracking using the GPS location services will provide the exact location information of the cell phone. Personal mobile tracking is very essential for monitoring children, teenager and elders.

Easy Spy Software offers a cell monitoring software which has all the features required to track or spy a mobile. Easy Spy, the mobile spy software can be installed in almost all types of phones like iPhone, Android mobile phones, various smart phones, Blackberry devices etc.

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Monitoring employees at work

Are you working or just idling out during working time? Do you know you are being monitored remotely by your manager? Yes, employee monitoring has been made easier with the mobile spy software. Many businesses have employees working out in the field. These people will be provided with company owned smart phones for managing projects, sending emails, sharing files and readily accessible at any point of time. It becomes a must to track these employees for the common benefits of the company.


Mobile Spywares is very helpful in monitoring the employees and there by improve the productivity of employees. The features essential for monitoring employees include

  • Text Message Logging: Logs or records all text messages sent, received and deleted on the monitored cell phone
  • Social Networking Logs: All activities from various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp will be recorded and viewed.
  • YouTube Videos: Records the link of the viewed or watched YouTube Videos on the cell phone.
  • Web Activity: Tracks or logs all URL addresses that are visited using the browser on the monitored cell phone
  • Application Blocking: This facility allows blocking of access to certain applications using the monitored mobile
  • Photo and Video Log: Logs all the videos and photos viewed, received and sent
  • Messenger Logs: All chats from Yahoo, Blackberry, GTalk, AOL, and Windows Live are logged and viewed.
  • GPS location Logs: The travel route covered by the employee is recorded with the help of GPS location services. It contains the time stamp and the exact location information.
  • Email Logs: All inbound and outbound emails are recorded for further use.
  • SMS Commands: The monitored cell phone can be locked or instructed to send the current GPS location with an SMS command.
  • Phone Call Info: Records information on each incoming and outgoing phone call with the time stamp.
  • Record Surroundings: A command from the control panel can help us to record audio clips of the phone’s surroundings.

Tracking employees is essential for enhancing employee productivity which in turn helps in the business development of the company. Mobile Spy software can be installed with or without the knowledge of the employees. Different companies have different needs for employee tracking, but mobile spy software should have all the features required for tracking an employee.

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Spy on phone without access to phone

Mobile spywares change the face of spying. You can now get access to the phones you desire without grabbing the phone to keep a check frequently.


How does mobile spywares work?

Mobile spywares work discreetly without the target phone user having any idea about being spied upon.

If you are a spouse and wants to catch him/her red-handed, then this is one of the best methods you can ever try. This spy on phone method works in any smart phone with a GPS system.

With the spy on phone, you can get access to voice recordings, calls, messages, browsing history, videos and images, and many more. There are a lot fo spywares that help you to even detect when the targeted person switches the sim card.

All you have to do is install the chosen software in the targeted person’s mobile. The spyware does not get displayed on the mobile phone desktop and works secretly by providing you the details even if they are deleted from the memory.

Features of mobile spywares:

Spy on phone works even in tracking the location of the user. There are software’s that even help you listen to live calls that are incoming or outgoing from the targeted hand set. This is called real time tracking. It even tracks the location of the person where he/she is currently moving.

You have two options to get the details, internet and sms on your handset. In the typical Internet facility, you would be given an online profile wherein which you can log in and get the exact details required which can be even downloaded. When you choose the second option, you will get sms alerts on your mobile at regular intervals. These spy on phone software does not take much space of the phone and requires very little processor speed.

You can even use spywares as a bugging device as it is absolutely undetectable to record the conversations around you. (Use this for vital matters and not for gossips).

Spy on phone works effectively even in latest applications such as What’s app, Skype etc. and even records chat and video conversations effectively.

Spy on phone works for healthy discussions and not for manipulative purposes. Mobile spywares work easily in any smart phones and come with a monthly charge. Before downloading a software, make sure your phone is compatible with the spyware.

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