Android spy software

Over 45% of today’s smart phones run on Android. Android has a higher market share than iphone’s today and its not amazing since every vendor from Nokia to Samsung tries their best to run on this Free, GNU licensed Operating system for their mobiles. With that said, its not so hard to find an Android Spy software today.


Android Spy softwares are those few softwares which can help you track movement of an android phone, log call and text message information stealthily without the user knowing about it. Android spy softwares are legal softwares which can be used to keep track of your kids mobile phone and activities you think are of concern while the kid is using the smartphone.

We all want to know what our kids are browsing, whome they are calling and what they are texting. Its important that they don’t talk to strangers or are not going out to clubs and disc’s when they are supposed to be in school studying. These android Spy softwares lets you know about your kids activities on their mobile phone. With GPS and internet active on the phone, you can trace the phone to a physical location on a map. You can hear call recordings and read text messages on their phone. With communication held over mobile phone’s increasing at a dramatic ratio, you can be assured that a great deal of activities in their real life will reflect on their mobile phones.

Some of the best android Spy software includes, Flexispy, Mobistealth and Mobile-Spy. You can find information regarding these softwares on this website and you will know where to find cheap sources with reviews. Good luck