Apps to track cell phones

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World of mobiles!! The boom in the mobile industry has paved way for mobile spy software also. Cell phone has drastically changed the lifestyle of people. Due to the improper usage of mobiles, it has become a must to spy the cell phones or in other words spy the activities of the user. Cell phone tracking apps with features of tracking the mobile device or cell phones has become an emerging development segment.


Is it possible to track every mobile or cell phones? The levels of tracking cell phones differ from people to people and business to business. Every mobile device or cell phone will not have in-built features to install the tracking apps. Some devices are tracked with the support of the service providers. The service providers will be able to give the location specific information related to mobile phones. The new generation cell phones also called Smart phones can be tracked by downloading apps to track cell phones and installing it. These apps can be subscription based or freeware. Anyhow it is possible to spy mobiles with the technology advancement.

What are the features required in a mobile spywares? Installing the apps in the monitored cell phone or mobile devices makes it possible for a person to monitor the targeted device remotely.

  • To track a person and his/her route of travelling very effectively with the help of GPS location tracking services.
  • Call details logging, which will provide the details of calls made and attended by the user.
  • SMS logging features, which is very essential to track the activities of the teenagers especially.
  • Video / Audio logging features which will track the viewed, received and created video and audio on the targeted device.
  • Tracking of the photos taken by the phone as well as received on the phone.
  • Tracking the internet usage as well as the web pages viewed by tracking the browser history.
  • Mailbox tracking which will enable to track all the emails sent and received and the time stamp of the mails.

Real-time tracking using the GPS location services will provide the exact location information of the cell phone. Personal mobile tracking is very essential for monitoring children, teenager and elders.

Easy Spy Software offers a cell monitoring software which has all the features required to track or spy a mobile. Easy Spy, the mobile spy software can be installed in almost all types of phones like iPhone, Android mobile phones, various smart phones, Blackberry devices etc.