Best spy apps for iphone

The best spy apps for iphone come with a set of features. They had to be detailed, easy to use and with options which could be essentially useful. The list initially was over 20. But i thought most of them were simply useless. Others were highly priced and there were some who was simply not worth it even if they were free. Free software’s sometimes are great. They have a range of features which makes it really worth using it. Sometimes i have been amazed that a free software could deliver so much without expecting anything! amazingly there weren’t much of iphone Spy apps on the web which were useful in anyway which were free. So if you are looking for a free Software which can spy on iphones, well you are wasting time. At least at the moment there is nothing useful online for spying on iphones.


With that said, all hopes are not lost. There are some apps which are great, nominally priced and with the features which are really good.

I was looking at a set of features in the iphone spy app to classify it as the best spy apps for iphone and then here we go on what was necessary.

  • Tracking Easily from a remote computer
  • Easy installation on the target iphone
  • Ability to track Text messages
  • Ability to track Whatsapp messages
  • Ability to track calls and record them
  • Ability to track location of the phone.
  • Ability to access phone information and contacts
  • Ability to view Photos and videos on phone remotely.

Now there were a few applications which provided some of these features. There were others which were specific for one particular feature. Like there is a software to simply log Images on a phone. Some to just track text messages. But very few of them had all the above features. The top 3 softwares which were perfect for the situations were as below

#3: Fexispy. An awesome software. Provides all the features you want and its like getting to be a CIA agent. Amazingly you could do a range of things and far more than the above list. Yes flexispy is a great software and undoubtedly #1 on the list if not for the price. Priced at over $300 i think its an expensive investment for a normal person who wants to simply track their child’s movement. If not for the price, Flexispy is the BEST software ever.

#2 Mobile-Spy. Well some of the features were missing. But that can be accounted for with the excellent service and the ease of use of the software. this software qualifies to be on the list of  Best spy apps for iphone undoubtedly. Excellent service. Ease of use and the range of features added up to the price of $49.95 for 3 months is easily affordable to track a child’s mobile phone and very much a good option for a corporate. Installation is a jiffy and tracking is so easy.

#1. Mobistealth : Mobistealth has everything i needed and more. It was easy install and safe to install too. You would require access to the users phone to install the software and that makes it a bit hard to install the software on just about any phone. This was great. Tracking phones was easy and the best feature was the ability to make a remote call to listen to the surroundings of the phone user. Priced at $7 per month!!! i mean that’s cheap…