Bluetooth mobile phone spy Softwares

Around 2 years ago i Purchased a Samsung Galaxy S. The latest at that time with the best features i could get. Everything was on the phone and i was glad i purchased one of the best phones in the market. What i did not realize is the potential of the phone. I mean its been 2 years now and i had no time to check out on what is possible on my phone. I have not upgraded it and its still running Android Froyo a Software built in 2009 / 2010! Thats when i checked out on some software updates and how to access my phone through a PC. Plenty of new things came up and one of them was this mobile phone spy software called e-stealth.


Interesting !!! I checked on the software for a long time and read reviews on Estealth which was supposedly a great software and all. The only thing about estealth which had the edge was that it had the ability to spy through Bluetooth. Now thats most likely a useless feature for most of us, but if its harnessed well through a program, it can do miracles. Actually it can do a lot more things that yours and mine imagination put together . Now that particular feature is all so happily exploited with estealth and i checked this on Mobistealth … and yes it has all of the features of Estealth , its cheaper than estealth and the return policy is Far far better than estealth.