Call recording using Mobile Spyware – Mobistealth

Mobistealth is one of the topmost spywares that helps you to keep a track on your teenage kids or on your employees such as tracking down their calls, voice recording, images and other features that comes along with the latest smart phone.


Mobistealth, the ultimate Mobile spyware:

Mobistealth is one of the topmost products in the arena of mobile spywares that help you to track the targeted person’s smart phone without them even knowing it.

Some of the features include:

  • silently recording all the calls which includes call logs (incoming & outgoing), call recording, etc.
  • easily records voice conversations in the surrounding area.
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also checks the browsing history, websites visited, text messages will be sent to your online account
  • records all the activities in the chat messengers such as skype, what’s app which includes video calling too
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also records the appointments or bookmarks of sites that have been visited by the user.
  • photos and videos that have been received, recorded and sent can also be tracked
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware works discreetly and remains hidden in the desktop, so the target user won’t be able to track down the spyware
  • you can even track the exact location of the user with the help of GPS tracker
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also helps you to receive sms alerts or mail alerts at regular intervals
  • Mobistealth, the mobile spyware tracks any details even if it is deleted from the phone
  • notification will be sent to you when the sim has been changed.

Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also has a special feature known as reverse phone lookup in its Mobistealth PRO version which means just by looking at the phone number in the sms or call details, you can get the name and number of the person. Usually, other mobile spywares charge you for this, but Mobistealth provides this feature absolutely FREE.

As you can see, Mobistealth is a spyware of myriad benefits. The best part is it works easily in any smart phones with OS of android, iPhone, blackberry or other OS such as Windows or Symbian. They usually charge monthly or yearly as per your choice. It is one of most affordable spyware in the market with vital features.