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Stealthgenie – Sms spy software

Stealthgenie is the most powerful mobile phone spy and tracking software that tracks all the activities of any Blackberry or android phone. The application is user friendly and easy to install. Once you have installed Stealthgenie, you need to login. Once you login, the phone’s usage information and its exact location can be viewed from anywhere in the world within minutes provided that you should login from a computer.



  • Calls can be tracked
  • SMS messages can be tracked
  • Track their GPS location
  • Emails can be read
  • Chat conversations are monitored
  • Monitors their internet activities
  • Access to contacts and calendar activities
  • Instant alerts can be set when the monitored phone communicates with a specific number
  • Uploaded data can be viewed

Spy on SMS Message:

Stealthgenie enables you to track the sms messages sent and received on the monitored phone. If your child is always busy texting on the phone, you can simply login to Stealthgene and verify what you child is texting and receiving. Stealthgenie allows you to know the truth of any sms or chat conversations. Logging in to Stealhgenie also helps in monitoring WhatsApp conversations. Stealthgenie finds out the names and numbers of people with whom they are chatting. As whats app enables you to send images and videos, Stealthgenie gets access to any photos and videos that you have sent or received and at the target place where you have saved them.


  • When you login to Stealthgenie spyware, you can monitor the target phone’s inbox and sent message from it.
  • Easy access to read all the messages and their contents.
  • Once you have downloaded Stealthgenie, the names and numbers of all SMS recipients and senders will be sent promptly at your online account without the knowledge of the user.
  • The details regarding the date and the time at which the message was sent and received will be known using this Stealthgenie application.
  • All the sms messages are uploaded to your online Stealthgenie control panel which can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • You can send message from the targeted phone to any number saved in the phone. The recipient will think that the message is send by the owner of the targeted phone.

Login with Stealthgenie for recording cell activities

Stealthgenie has been one of the powerful application used in mobile phones to keep track of the targeted mobile phone. WIth a simple login in Stealthgenie, you can monitor all the activities of any iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. The targeted phone’s usage information and GPS location can be viewed from anywhere in the world within minutes. This application works in stealth mode which means that the targeted phone user will not be aware that his phone is being tracked. Stealth mode is same as that of invisible mode.

Stealthgenie comprises of the following features:

  • Simply login to Stealthgenie and you can track all the call logs, message logs.
  • Track of Instant messengers such as Facebook chats, Viber chats, Skype chats, BBM chats, iMessage chats and Whatsapp chats
  • Instant alerts can be set when the phone user communicates with a particular number or person either through a message or a call.
  • Chat conversations are monitored.
  • Internet activities are tracked

Cell record:

Stealthgenie has been an amazing application that keeps record of all activities undertaken in the phone be it a message or a call or a chat or browsing or any such similar activities. If your child is always tapping on the phone every time then no need of worries. Stealthgenie is a complete solution for all those who keep secrets in the mobile phone and wants secrecy of their data in the phone.


  • By simply logging into Stealthgenie, you can record all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Also records calls that are made to any specific numbers can also be tracked by Stealthgenie.
  • The entire call log can be uploaded to the online Stealthgenie control panel sitting anywhere in the world provided that you need an internet connection.
  • Stealthgenie facilitates the recording of these cal logs to your computer or just listen directly from the control panel at any time you want.
  • The files- both audio and video that are sent through these instant messengers can be viewed. They can either be saved to the computer or listen or watch directly from the online Stealthgenie control panel.
  • Stealthgenie looks at the BB pins of the blackberry devices that the target user has been chatting with.
  • Stealthgenie gets access to any photos, audios and videos that are all saved in the target’s phone.

Stealthgenie – gtalk spy

Stealthgenie is one of the most powerful monitoring software available in the market. With a simple login account of Stealthgenie, you will be offered with innovative features that go along with the updated technology and mobile applications. A complete capture of the tracked phone will be available using Stealthgenie. This includes monitoring of the calls sent and received; messages sent and received GPS location, internet activities, contact details etc. To make use of the Stealthgenie software, you need to first install Stealthgenie, and then login. All details regarding the targeted phone can be tracked from any computer in the world within minutes.

Stealthgenie comes with innovative features such as

  • All sms messages can be viewed- both sent and received messages.
  • Emails can be read and sent from the targeted phone.
  • Every calls can be monitored be it incoming or outgoing.
  • Access to all contacts and their details
  • All the internet activities that the owner of the targeted phone uses can be viewed.
  • GPS location can be tracked.

Gtalk and Stealthgenie Gtalk spy software:

Gtalk also known as Google Talk is the instant messaging service developed by Google. Gtalk works on Microsoft Windows, Blackberry, and Android and Chrome operating systems.

With Stealthgenie, all messages sent and received in Gtalk can be tracked even without the knowledge of the phone user. Stealthgenie is useful for parents, employers and spouses to monitor a targeted phone. Employers use Stealthgenie to make sure that the company data is not shared with unauthorized persons. Stealthgenie is a curse for those who keep lots of secrets in their phones.


  • With Stealthgenie, you can view all Gtalk chat conversations
  • When you login into Stealthgenie, you can view all the record of the email addresses and IM names of people with whom, the target has been chatting with.
  • All details regarding the chat such as date and time and place of chat will be known even without the knowledge of the target user.
  • All Gtalk conversations can be uploaded in the Stealthgenie control panel if you have an internet connection.
  • The contents in the chat conversation, can be identified using Stealthgenie spy software.


Download Stealthgenie – Spyware applications

With Stealthgenie, you can monitor any android phone, blackberry phone or iPhone invisibly. The targeted phone user will not even know that his phone is being tracked. It is like you will have the complete access to that phone and you can use it to do anything. You can text a person or read message that the target receives. You can call any person saved in the target phone’s contact, get their details and also save the conversation log in to your computer or hear it through online Stealthgenie control panel. Stealthgenie is easy to install on the phone. To view the uploaded information details and exact location, you need to install this software and then login. To view the uploaded details, you can view it from any place provided you need an internet connection.


Stealthgenie spyware applications include:

  • Stealthgenie monitors all the calls in the target phone. They include both incoming calls and outgoing calls. Once the Stealthgenie is installed, the person can make calls and text to any contacts the target has. The target user will not even come to know about this. The contacts will think as if the target user is sending message or calling.
  • Stealthgenie keeps record of all the messages in the phones. Be it the message received or message sent. The details of each message including their date, time and contents can be viewed. The messages can be saved in the computer or through Stealthgenie control panel.
  • This software can be used to read the emails sent and received by the target. If those emails contain any files attached, those files can also be viewed and saved
  • The internet browsing history of the target user can be easily accessed. The sites which he referred for, checked for at which time , date and day etc.
  • The GPS location can be tracked using Stealthgenie. This is more useful when the situations of crime arise or anything wrong is happened. The exact location of where the target is currently located can be known.
  • Stealthgenie provides easy access to chat conversations. All files sent through any chats be it FB, Whatsapp, BBM, Skype etc can be viewed, their full chat history, contents in the conversation will be known
  • It monitors all the contacts saved in the target’s phone. Makes use of these contacts to send message and call them, Neither the contacts not the target will know that the phone is being tracked.

Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone

IPhone surveillance could have been one tough thing a year ago. With Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone, things got the better of it making things possible with a few clicks. Now tracking your child’s or employee’s iPhone could be a breeze. With a 2 minute installation process, simple download and easy tracking, Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone can be considered as one of the little software in the mobile spyware industry that has an edge.


What you can do with Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone

The Possibilities are endless. Think about accessing the entire iPhone from a PC. And that iPhone could be your child’s or your employees or just about anyone’s you think you should track legally. Mobile spywares are common among people who want to track illegal relationships, Children who go to school, Employees of your company or just about anyone you care for. What you can track is a wide possibility. Think of every SMS you can read, the Messages on chat like Facebook and Whatsapp, Record and listen to calls, and why, even monitor their location with the GPS pointer.

The possibilities of Mobistealth are endless. The way you want to use it is one of the most important things. If you plan to use Mobistealth be sure that you do so legally. You are allowed to install Mobistealth on a phone you own. So if the phone is owned by you, you have every right to install the software without restraint. The employee’s personal phone may not fall under these guidelines and you may land yourself If you install Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone on your employees personal phone

What are the limitations to using Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone

While the possibilities of the software are endless, the use should always be responsible. Usage which falls under illegal measures include tracking personal phones which you do not own and also installing it. Accessing other persons personal information and that, when the instrument does not belong to you is an offence punishable.

Like every software, Mobistealth may have limitations which may not be fulfilled. We are yet to come across one while the mobile spyware does indeed give you complete access to every aspect of the iPhone and with constant updates and up gradations, Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone is ever improving.

Complaints and services on Mobistealth mobile spyware for iPhone

Mobistealth has had little to no complaints in the past. The software runs effectively and the support and services are rather fair for the price. The price for the subscription package is found to be a bit high but the response for the software itself is great.


Stealth GPS Tracker for Cheaters

The technology is advanced beyond expectations. It is now easy to keep track on anything or anyone at anytime of the day. There is no need to pay for spies to do any tracking job for you. There are many spyware that helps to keep track on any happenings on a mobile phone. Of the lot Stealth spyware is the popular one. Once the spyware is installed in a mobile phone, the calls, messages, chat records, multimedia files, internet files, contacts, calendars etc are all monitored, and the details are sent to the spy’s online spyware account at regular intervals. The spy is able to access them anywhere where there is an internet connection. The most important use of the Stealth spyware is tracking the GPS location of the target phone.


Stealth GPS Tracker is useful for domestic and business purposes. The software can be installed in the phone and will be useful later to track the phone in case of a theft of it is lost. This software is popular in catching cheaters who cannot abide to the rules set by their spouses or employees. The spouses can keep track on the cheaters who are regular liars and they can be caught red handed with the detailed GPS locations of a time span.

With the Stealth GPS Tracker, an area can be marked as restricted or safe and if the target phone travels into or out of those areas instant alert is sent to the spy’s phone. This will help the parents, spouses, and employers to know if the person targeted is within the boundaries or has crossed it. The notifications may be sent as message, email or as both as per preference. Stealth GPS Tracker sends the location details with picture, altitude, and longitude. Even the travel routes to reach each point or destination is also clearly marked or highlighted. The location details will also have the time and date of every location they have travelled. The history of all the details is sent to the online account regularly.

Stealth GPS Tracker records everything silently without notifying the target and sent the details to the spy. With all these details one can monitor the activities of targeted phone/the person is doing anything unusual or being regular in their job, leisure, study etc.


MobiStealth Mobile Phone Spy App Pro Version

MobiStealth is a convenient and most advanced spyware that helps anyone to track any mobile phone desired. They need to have root access to the target mobile in order to download the spyware into it. Once it is downloaded and installed it will work silently without the user knowing. There are many versions for the MobiStealth spyware, basic, light, and Pro versions. Of these, the MobiStealth Pro version is the most advanced.


MobiStealth has come as a boon to parents whose children may be wandering into their age related troubles and are able to keep track on them; for employers who have employees who may tend to violate the privilege they get in having a Smartphone, spouses who are spying on their better half etc. MobiStealth Pro works on mobile phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc and also on Windows Mobile. But one needs to make sure that the software is compatible with the target mobile. The features that are available for the Pro version are browsing history log, details of all the contacts, SMS details, many apps details, GPS location, surrounding sound recordings etc.

  • All the SMS es that are sent or received are monitored.
  • All contact details, photos, and videos in the phone will be tracked and downloaded.
  • Any appointment details made in the target phone or bookmarks saved will be sent.
  • Call history log and voicemail access is also available. The calls can be secretly recorded with the MobiStealth Pro version. The number of the received calls can be back tracked and call them to get more details.
  • Personal email that are sent or received can be monitored with MobiStealth spyware.
  • The location of the target phone is tracked with GPS or through a secret SMS.
  • The most unique feature is that the sound in the surroundings of the phone can be recorded in your phone that may give an idea of where the phone is located and what the person might be doing.

MobiStealth Spyware Pro is also convenient for anyone to locate or erase all the details in case the phone is lost or stolen. With a single SMS all the sensitive details or information about any personal matter can be wiped cleaned. Alert will be sent even when there is a SIM card change happened in the target phone.


MobiStealth iPhone Spy App

Smartphone is the most convenient device for everyone to have access to their mails, messages, GPS etc in a small handy thing. But as convenient it can be so is its misuse. Parents worry that their children would go anywhere at any time without informing them, so that their ‘privacy’ is not disturbed by their parents. This is an era of technology, where everything and anything works according to it. So, why not the parents also become modern in watching their kids. This is what MobiStealth iPhone Spy App does. This application helps to locate the particular iPhone- not other Smartphone. This spy app can be used for spying spouses, employees who tend to misuse the iPhone given for company purposes and also a great boon in case the phone is lost or stolen.



  • MobiStealth iPhone Spy App is a perfect spy to monitor everything in an iPhone.
  • Voice mails that are made or received may be monitored.
  • All SMSes, email or other messages are collected.
  • Helps keep tab on the GPS location of the device.
  • Tracks messages that have been sent or received through the various chat apps.
  • The log for all the visited websites is made.
  • Notify any SIM card change made.
  • All contacts details are taken.
  • Access to all the photos and videos in the device.

All the coordinates regarding the iPhone is received through one SMS sent to that phone and the details are sent back through SMS to you.

MobiStealth iPhone Spy App is available through subscription that lasts for two weeks, 3 or 6 months, named basic, lite and pro respectively. The basic option lets you have the log history, SMS collection, iMessage tracking, and GPS location. It is more like a trial version. The higher version of the Pro version is more advanced that not only facilitates the basic features but also provides professional spy feeling with getting to listen to the calls and even record the device’s surrounding sounds as well.

Starting MobiStealth iPhone Spy App

Simply get the iPhone that is to be monitored and jailbreak it to have access to the root system. Subscribe to the MobiStealth iPhone Spy App and download it. Log in to the MobiStealth control panel and keep getting the information that will be sent.


Mobistealth Vs LAN spy software

Mobistealth and LAN spy softwares are both monitoring softwares to avoid malpractices. Mobistealth is a software that can be used on computers and cell phones while LAN spy can be used only on computers. There are several features which are unique to each spyware and you can choose the one which is best for your needs.



  • Mobistealth can log Yahoo, MSN and Skype chats and also Skype call recordings. The time, date, duration and content of the chats and calls can be viewed in such a way.
  • Mobistealth also gives you screen shots of the PC and also the location can be viewed.
  • Keystroke logging is another main feature of Mobistealth. When particular keywords are used, you will get the alerts.
  • The URL of the website being searched can be seen and also the web history even if it has been deleted. These information are saved at the source to make this action possible.
  • Calls, message, pictures and videos can be recorded and sent to the Mobistealth user account from a phone. The call can be replayed, the time, date, duration and number can be seen.
  • Logs of the messages sent and received from the phone, along with date, time and phone number can be viewed using Mobistealth.
  • GPS tracking of the phone can be done using Mobistealth to remotely track the phone and do actions like activating the microphone, wiping all information, etc.


  • LAN Spy is a local area network surveillance software and it can be used to monitor employees, children, spouses, etc.
  • The LAN Spy monitors computer screens, one at a time or all.
  • LAN Spy has keystroke logging as well for particular keywords and record message4s sent with any chat messenger or any email account.
  • LAN Spy can record all the website addresses and online addresses that have been typed in, website and application user types, document contents, etc.
  • Network traffic can be recorded and you can set speed limits using the LAN spy.
  • You can also remotely control the laptop to copy or rename files, terminate programs which are running and forbid the running of some programs, etc.
  • LAN spy has no mobile application features.

Mobistealth vs eBlaster

Mobistealth and eBlaster are both spywares that are butting heads in market that aids in accessing parental control features for kids with cell phones. If you are in a dilemma to choose either of the one, read on to get a clearer outlook on each of the products.


Mobistealth vs eBlaster – which is best spyware???

For parents or employers who are dealing with difficult kids or troublesome employees, here’s the best solution for you. With the rise in smart phones and the drastic impact it brings on the lives of teenagers, it could be a parent’s worst nightmare coming true.

But, parents are moving to a safe mode by ordering spywares which ensures them to track their children’s location and conversations, to keep them away from any endangering situations. Some of the pros and cons of Mobistealth and eBlaster are mentioned here.

Download application:

Mobistealth can be downloaded from any website. Unlike what general consensus thinks, Mobistealth does not offer any trial run for the application but there’s an option of “money back guarantee” and a trial period of 15 days which means if you are not satisfied with the app, you will be reimbursed fully. eBlaster, on the other side, needs to be purchased and downloaded from their official website only.

Calls and Conversations:

Calls and conversations on the phone can be easily recorded and stored in the online account. In fact, you can just about record anything on your kid’s phone. By sending a text message on your kid’s phone, the mic starts to pick up any conversation happening and records them to your online account. Mobistealth also keeps a track of sms conversations, websites that have been visited etc. apart from the call recording facility even though they have been deleted from your kid’s phone history.

The tools on eBlaster lets you keep a close surveillance about each and every on going routines of your kids such as call logs, duration of the calls, text messages, websites visited recently etc. If you want instant alerts on your email, you can set them accordingly which will give you prompt updates on your mail address of a sms or thumbnail view of an image.

GPS tracking:

Both Mobistealth and eBlaster support GPS tracking which notifies you of your kid’s current surroundings. Another best feature is geogencing in eBlaster. Apart from the locations chosen by you such as school, home or malls, if your kid lurks around some unknown area, you will be notified about it.

Blocking features:

Sadly, Mobistealth does not support blocking features of certain websites in the phones. eBlaster covers this category completely by helping you to look up through 150 categories of content such as tobacco, nudity etc. You can select from the categories and block them completely to prevent access to your child.


While Mobistealth is compatible in any smart phones such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows mobile or symbian series, eBlaster gels with only a few of the handsets which needs to be looked upon carefully.


Mobistealth spyware network

Your favorite old spyware, Mobistealth is back with brand new features. With the additional features such as Skype call and chat recording, GPS tracker, Mobistealth is all set to keep an eye on your kids or employees.


How does Mobistealth spyware work?

By now, everyone knows about Mobistealth and its features. Mobistealth can be used in any smartphones with OS such as Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Symbian series. You can download the application on any smart phone that has an internet connection network. When installed, Mobistealth silently monitors all the phone activities.

How Mobistealth spyware works is you can download the application directly in the desired phone after using the internet connection network. Post-installation, the application becomes absolutely undetectable and gives away all the information needed such as call logs, locations via GPS, text messages and conversations, browsing sites, history etc. which can be viewed online once you log in to your account with a personalized ID and password.

Some of the activities that can be viewed in your account are:

  • Calls Logs with confirmation calls – Mobistealth spyware enables to discreetly tap all the calls and confirmation calls that have been made or received regarding certain points. Please do note that call confirmation is available for GSM networks only.
  • Images or videos in the targeted phone can be retrieved for your verification.
  • You can record certain conversations you think are suspicious. This works only if the phone is in a limited range. All you have to do is send a message to the phone’s owner which will enable recording to begin. Once the recording is done, it will be uploaded to your online account.
  • With the help of GPS tracking, you will be able to locate the smart phone owner and the locations he visits.
  • SMS messages – Even if the owner deletes the text messages from his/her phone, Mobistealth spyware captures the messages and transmits them to your online account.
  • Call logs – By using mobistealth spyware, you can track the calls that have been made or received by the handset owner.

One of the major reasons people buy Mobistealth spyware network is to detect a cheating spouse or employee or for parents who feel their kids are having trouble confessing their issues to them.

Though there are lot of spywares, Mobistealth spyware network still is one of the favored ones. So choose the best applicated based on your situation.


Mobistealth Best Computer Spyware

With a wide range of monitoring software available online, it becomes difficult to choose a best product which consists of all facilities such as Mobistealth and PC Pandora.


Best computer spyware:

Currently, there are lot of spyware that are butting heads such as PC Pandora, Mobistealth, Webwatcher, Sniperspy etc. Lets have a look at just two of them such as Pandora and Mobistealth.

Mobistealth PC Pandora
Keyboard logging combined with screen shots Records visible screen content and keystrokes that are typed
Records all login names and password Records all login names and password
Complete history of visited websites Monitors and records all the websites that have been visited
Complete Chats done in yahoo and MSN logs All programs and applications that have been utilized are recorded
Yahoo, hotmail, gmail logging are recorded Mails and attachments are recorded
Any file sharing activity or P2P are recorded
Chat recording which includes yahoo, MSN messengers etc. Also records Skype voice and chat logs. Any instant messenger activity and chats are recorded


Captures images via webcam


If an employee takes any print of confidential information, PC Pandora tracks it down
Absolutely compatible with Mac OS, Windows XP, Vista 7 or 8 (doesn’t matter the processor or Internet speed)Records programs online and can be tracked using your ID and password Windows 7, Vista, XP and other requirements such as dual core Intel or AMD processor running at 1GHz or faster. 1 GB memory or more. You also need 10M – 15M of hard disk space daily for recording programs.
Although it does record the url or link of any website, it does not block it. Blocks access to any websites or applications installed on computers. You can also schedule timers for blocking websites or Internet access.
Received a 4.9/10 rating on Received a 9.4/10 rating on

Mobistealth Open Spyware

Unlike what people think, Mobistealth is not an open spyware. On the contrast, its rather discreet and aids in tracking people’s daily activities which are perceived unappealing.


How Mobistealth works:

Mobistealth is a cautious spyware that is used to spy on kids or employees who are browsing unauthorized websites or using personal mails at office hours. Mobistealth keeps a track record of chat conversations, visitation at social networking sites, call and chat recordings at Skype etc.

Mobistealth can also be used effectively in phones to track your employee’s location or kid’s location. For eg: If you feel, you employee is making visitations to other locations rather than delivering the product which is to be made at the right time at a different region, you can use the company-owned mobile phones to track him down.

Mobistealth works in stealth mode which makes it easier for you to work it at your best advantage. The spyware when used in computers tracks down conversations, voice recordings, visited websites and keystroke logging. Through this, you can track down your employee’s efficiency or the situation your kid is going through and help him out. Certain kids are exposed to cyber bullying especially through social networking sites which can be prevented at the initial stage.

When used Mobistealth in mobiles, you can track your child with the help of GPS locator which displays the location that he’s in the safe zone rather than any endangered neighborhood. The same rule applies for employees who have company owned mobile phones.

You can view all the logs online while using your unique ID and password. Do note that though Mobistealth tracks all the daily recordings of websites, chats etc., it however cannot block websites, external hard drivers or applications. Though as mentioned earlier, Mobistealth works in discreet mode, but it needs to be installed by someone who has the administration permission to the computers.

Mobistealth parental control access

Gain parental control by Mobistealth which is used for computers and cell phones to track their kid’s location, text messages, browsing and other socially active chats etc.


Parental Control by Mobistealth:

A few years ago, the importance of Mobistealth may not be realized but the current generation demands it more than ever. Gone are those time when all you had to do is ask a teacher, friend or their parents to know your kid’s track record.

With the latest gizmos such as computers, tablets, smartphones, kid’s life has become a mystery just waiting to be solved. Dealing with a kid can be difficult especially when they stop confiding to you anymore and start discussing with their “so called friends” that they meet on any social networking sites. Its never too late. With the help of Mobistealth on your kid’s computer or phone, you can track their locations, text messages, call logs and just about anything that is transmitted from the phone or PC.

Mobistealth in phone:

If you are bothered about your child’s calls, messages, Mobistealth has the apt software to gain parental control over them. Just download the application on your kid’s phone and the Mobistealth app will send the logs to the Mobistealth servers online through which you can detect their calls, texts, track locations and other info by logging on with your ID. As this app works on stealth mode, your kid won’t be aware that his/her phone is on track. This also works if you have a cheating spouse.

Mobistealth in computers:

Apart from cell phone tracking, you can track computer with Mobistealth spyware for computers. This works well for both parents and employers who are often bothered if the employees are working sincerely.

With the Mobistealth spyware, you can track each and every function done by your child. Some of the features of Mobistealth includes screen shots, browsing history, call recording and chat records in messengers such as Yahoo, MSN and Skype. With keypad tracking, you can check what your child is typing which includes passwords and other personal information.

In conclusion, be tension free as Mobistealth spyware is there to help you gain your parental control over your child’s life.

Mobistealth helper spyware

Mobistealth is a helpful spyware to your phone or computer that helps you to track your phone in case if it is lost. It is also highly recommended for parents or employees who want to track their kids or employees’ daily activities.


How does Mobistealth help you?

Mobistealth is a spying software that can be used in computers or in smart phones. With the high level of risk in cyber bullying, wireless threats, malicious software that erases the phone memory or hard disk completely.

Mobistealth for cell phone:

Mobistealth contains different features based on your cell phone. When installed, Mobistealth records all the needed information discreetly and sends them to your account online. With the help of Mobistealth, you can very well detect the locations, text messages, mails, call details, recordings, web browsing history, chats etc. The best part is the phone user won’t even know that his/her phone is being recorded as Mobistealth works in a stealth mode.

When you become a paid subscriber after successful registration, you can download the application that will run on the navigated cell phone and the app starts sending the information to the Mobistealth servers which can be retrieved by using your ID and password. Mobistealth works on any smart phone such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and other OS such as Windows mobile or Symbian series.

For Computer usage:

Mobistealth is available for Mac and Windows operating systems with a variety of features. For parents, the mystery behind “what’s going in their lives” is always an issue especially when you are dealing with a teenager who is frequently on computer or cellphone. Even for business employers, the efficiency of an employee constantly stands as an unsolved mystery especially when the well known fact that an average worker spends almost 1-2 hours on internet browsing through various websites and personal mails.

Some of the features of Mobistealth spyware includes tracking various websites by checking the history. Even though the employee deletes from the web browser, it would still be available online which can be accessed using your ID and password. Mobistealth spyware takes random screen shots when an employer browses.

Mobistealth software tracks chat logs conducted in various messengers such as Yahoo, MSN etc. and even records voice chats done in Skype. Keystroke logging is a feature that helps the detector to know every single keystroke that the user types which reveals the passwords and other relevant information especially in a company where certain people conspire against the company.

Mobistealth PC monitoring spyware is compatible with Mac and Windows OS and even supports the latest Windows 8 from Microsoft.

Mobistealth spyware detector for Mac

Mobistealth is one stop monitoring software to keep you informed of the usage of certain prohibited sites and undesired revealing of personal information on your computer. Mobistealth works in any operating system, be it Windows or Mac.


Secure your Mac PC with Mobistealth:

If you a mother, teacher or businessman, we can understand the concern of a child or an employee stumbling upon certain websites or revealing business information, evidently or inadvertently.

Mobistealth software is an effective and easy to use software for monitoring activities on any computer without the knowledge of the end users. Mobistealth is aptly designed to support any operating system such as Windows or Mac. Some of the features of Mobistealth are:

  • Screen shots – the software takes screen shots of sites visited or other information that have been accessed recently
  • It doesn’t matter if your employee deletes the history and cookies from the web browsers as Mobistealth stores all the links that have been looked into by the user.
  • Tracks all personal mail logging info in sites such as yahoo, hotmail or gmail or usage of chat messengers such as MSN chat log or yahoo
  • Mobistealth records all the activities in Skype such as chat and call recording

Mobistealth reviews:

An average employee uses almost one hour of his/her work hour just to browse sites, log in to personal mails etc. which decreases the efficiency of their productive work. After revealing in a meeting about Mobistealth to employees, it has also been noted that efficiency increased by 15% which is hard to believe but amazingly true.

Cyber bullying is often on the rise with various social networking sites such as Facebook. Another user (a mother) claims that she was worried about her daughter who was exposed to such networking sites. She was apprehensive if her daughter would be exposed to cyber bullying or some other unpleasant activities. After installing Mobistealth on her Mac PC, she was quite relieved as she will be able to detect if some one poses any threat to her daughter and can stop bullying at the right time.

Mobistealth comes in three different packages, i.e. 3 months at $39.99, 6 months at $59.99 and 12 months for $79.99.

Mobistealth spyware solutions: Safely monitor phones and PCs

The Mobistealth spyware solutions will provide you with the control over any cell phone or PC that you are suspicious about. The numerous surveillance and monitoring features of the Mobistealth spyware solutions can be easy used by anyone to track the activities in a cell phone or PC. When you fear illegal activities in phone or PC but feel helpless without enough information, the Mobistealth spyware solutions is your answer.


The Mobistealth spyware can be easily downloaded and installed in the desired device from the internet. You will need to have access to the device or this cannot be done. Once it has been installed, there will not be any detectable signs of the software. You can install the software into your child’s, spouse’s or employee’s cell phones or PCs.

The Mobistealth spyware solutions will give you and online user account and its password. This is the relay station to which all the logs will be sent. All the calls made from or to the cell phone will be logged and sent to you. The time, date and duration of the call will be recorded. The Mobistealth spyware solutions will also tell you the number to or from which the call was made. This will help you safeguard your children and also find the contact of your employee or spouse.

The Mobistealth spyware solutions will also let you log the messages sent and received with time and date as well. You can also read the messages for complete safety. Any images shared using the phone will also be sent to the Mobistealth online account. The Mobistealth spyware solutions will also let you view the videos shot using the phone

The URL of any website visited on the PC you are monitoring will also be sent to your Mobistealth account. You can block applications and websites remotely.

The Spycall feature will help you listen in to conversations in the surrounding by remotely activating the microphone of the phone. The GPS locater of the Mobistealth spyware solutions will help you know the location of the cell phone holder. The safety of our cell phone is also assured by the Mobistealth spyware solutions as you can remotely wipe all information on it and know its exact location. Even if the SIM card is changed, you will be alerted immediately.

The Mobistealth spyware provides the solution for almost any cell phone and PC related safety issues.

Mobistealth spyware detector software: Find the spyware

Mobistealth is a very commonly used cell phone and PC monitoring software and there are Mobistealth spyware detector software’s that you can use to detect the presence of this software. Sometimes, undesirable people may track your cell phones like jealous spouses or rival businesses. In such cases, there are ways of detecting the Mobistealth spyware and many other spywares for the matter.


You can quite easily find out if someone has installed Mobistealth in your device and there are a few simple tricks for this. Even though there are many features of the software and it says it is 100% undetectable, it can be detected. The need for this only arises if you suspect spy activity.

The simplest way of using the Mobistealth spyware detector software is the most obvious one. Simply check the SD card download folder on your phone. Not everyone will look into this folder but it is a fairly open location. If the Mobistealth spyware is downloaded directly into the cellphone, you can see the “mobistealthv2.apk” in the download folders. You can see the SD card downloads through the steps ‘applications-settings-SD card’, but the fact is, the download folder is in different locations in different phones.

One of the Mobistealth spyware detector softwares is to simply use the FTP program. Go into the ‘data/data’ folder by opening the phone or if that can’t be done, use the FTP program. After this, find a file named “”. Mobistealth has the file and even if there is a security system in the phone, this file is present there due to the spyware.

The next step is to open the “” file and the files in this will show you all you need to know about Mobistealth spyware. The file called the ‘LoggedPictures.ser‘ will have all the screen shots and images that have been taken using the Mobistealth spyware and sent to another person. The file called ‘Configuration.xml‘ will give you a list of the settings and configurations and will give you the FTP address to which the information is sent.

One of the simplest Mobistealth spyware detector softwares is the common DNS search! Simply by using the DNS search, you can identify the FTP address origins. These files are free and will show you the IP address and sometimes the name used to sign up in it.

Mobistealth is a very effective spyware and if you suspect its misuse, you can easily detect it using these simple Mobistealth spyware detector softwares.

Mobistealth spyware act as surveillance for cell phones, PCs

Mobistealth spyware act as surveillance, tracking or bugging software for cell phones and PCs. There are numerous surveillance features in the Mobistealth spyware that can greatly help you if you are concerned about the safety of your kids or about the activities of your employees or spouse.


The Mobistealth spyware act as logs for all the call and messages in the tracked phone. A record of all the calls made and received in the cell phone will be sent to the Mobistealth user ID and the call can are available for playback. The calls are recorded at the source. This ensures that any deletion acts can will not hamper the recording.

The Mobistealth spyware can also give you the time, duration and date of the calls. The number from or to which the call was made can also be seen. The messages sent and received from or to the phone are also recorded along with th e date and time. These are sent to the Mobistealth spyware online account.

All the videos are recorded and sent to the Mobistealth spyware software and any photos shred from the phone can also be seen. The Mobistealth spyware act as a total surveillance for all videos and pictures. The Spycall feature of the Mobistealth spyware act as a bug. You can activate the microphone to listen in to the conversation or voices in the surrounding without the knowledge of the user.

For PCs, the Mobistealth spyware act as a watch dog as well. All the URL ever browsed in the PC is logged and sent to your Mobistealth account. Even if the browsing history is cleared, you can view the URLs. You can also block certain websites and also prevent download of malicious software into the PC.

The Mobistealth spyware act also act as a GPS software giving you the location of the user. This will also help you if you lost your phone or if it is stole. You can remotely access the phone to wipe all the data on the phone and the phone will be switched off. The Mobistealth spyware will send you an alert message when the SIM card is changed in the phone.

In all ways possible, the Mobistealth spyware acts as watchful eye for your ward or employees when you are not around thus ensuring a complete knowledge of all their activities.

Mobistealth Spyware Source: Cell phone and PC monitoring

One you install the software, all activities on the cell phone or PC are monitored and recorded at the Mobistealth Spyware source. The Mobistealth spyware is a very easy to use software that will give you total surveillance control over the target device. All the technological advances has made the world smaller, but it is also a much more dangerous place to live in. the Mobistealth spyware will help you watch out for your loved ones using the amazing surveillance features in it.


Like any other simple to use software, the Mobistealth spyware is easy to download and install in any PC or cell phone. The only thing you will require in advance is the target device. The software downloads quickly and you can then install it into the cell phone or PC after which it becomes 100% undetectable. All the activities then get logged at the Mobistealth spyware source.

When you purchase the software, you get an online Mobistealth user ID and password. This is the Mobistealth spyware source and all of the activities are sent directly here. There are several features of the spyware such as:

  • Call recording and playback at the Mobistealth spyware source, even deleted logs.
  • Logs of the call details like the call; duration, date and time will be sent to the Mobistealth spyware source and you will also receive the number to or from which the call was made.
  • Mobistealth can log the videos in the cell phone and you can watch each one of them.
  • All the incoming and outgoings SMSs are sent to the Mobistealth spyware source along with the time and date.
  • In a PC, the URL history is sent to the user account even if the browsing history has been deleted. All the websites ever visited can be viewed by the user can be seen at the Mobistealth spyware source.
  • You can also block some websites and applications and prevent download from the sites.
  • All the pictures being exchanged through the phone can also be seen at the Mobistealth spyware source.
  • The mobile location can be tracked using the GPS and the exact location is transmitted to the Mobistealth spyware source.

There are numerous more features of this spyware and your can view them at the Mobistealth website.

When installed, the Mobistealth spyware takes as little as 1 MB of storage space. Download has the best Spyware software for Mobile phones. May it be a Blackberry, Iphone, or an android based phone, you can get mobistealth to do the stuff you want. You can download mobistealth software from . The prices vary from application to application and it can be configured in less than a minute. All you need to do is register now on the website, Download the app to the mobile phone you intend to track and activate it. The Downloads are available at


The Software on the mobilephone is Completely hidden. The phone user will hardly known of the activities on the phone. The software is capable of sending you the complete phone details including address book, Last calls, SMS, in case of Blackberry, the BB chat and skype messages. You will have full access of the Video and image repository on the phone. As if this wouldnt suffice, You would get the complete location tracking of the person using the phone. A sim change notification can be placed and the best feature of all (i personally like ) is the ability to make a remote call. Remote calls are those that Cannot be heard by the person using the phone but the phone will be connected and you can hear the surroundings.

You can check out on the complete features of Mobistealth software at

Mobistealth Pro X

Mobistealth Pro X

Among the Mobistealth products the Mobistealth Pro-x is one of the most advanced products. Rarely used the features of Mobisteatl hPro-X is almost the same as the Mobistealth Pro. The only added features include the Video logging Features and the call recording feature. Now for those who have very little usage for these 2 features, the Mobistealth pro is a more apt package. While the Pro Costs $79 for 3 months the Pro-x costs $99 for 3 months. For a personal use, this may sound a way bit higher and it is usually. But if you are a person who is indeed keen on the features, there is little option but to buy the Mobistealth Por-x instead of the Pro.


Unfortunately the Pro-X Feature is not available in the Windows and iphone package and the Pro-x Feature is specific to the Android platform alone. If you are looking for the Pro-x feature on the Iphone or the Windows interface, Check out the website at here.

What does the Pro Contain as opposed to the Mobistealt Pro-X? Well the Pro Package is nearly all you will need at most times. Coming with Picture logging and Surround recordings, Appointment logging , Bookmark and browser history are all logged. You can also get Location through SMS and a sim change notification at all times not to mention the tracking without GPS Facility. The pro package is almost everything you need unless you need the video logging features.

The price for the Mobistealth Pro-X is justifiable considering bandwidth and space usage when it comes to the video package. There is a good load time for Pro-X packages and this costing is genuine. If you are looking for Pro-X make a choice now. There is little you can do with the Pricing but if you are not going to use it, we recommend the Pro Package which is cost effective and also one of the best sellers.

Mobistealth is one of the best mobile tracking and monitoring softwares available for a range of devices and platforms including Android , iphone and Windows. The Nokia range of phones now have the Symbian version of Mobistealth. These softwares are best used for security purposes and are easy to use and install.

Mobistealth Vs Stealth Genie: Which is the better tracker?

Mobistealth Vs Stealth Genie: Which is the better tracker?

Mobistealth and Stealth Genie are two Cell phone monitoring softwares that can make sure that your wards are safe. These softwares can also be used to make sure that your kids or employees are not into any illegal activities. Mobistealth and Stealth Genie both have several features that makes mobile tracking a very easy process.


Mobistealth can let you view all the text messages that are sent or received in the phone you are tracking. You can also see the date and time of the messages using the Mobistealth software. Mobistealth also lets you view Whatsapp messages and the email alerts and mails sent and received on the phone. You can also use Mobistealth to monitor incoming and outgoing calls on the phone.

Stealth Genie can be used for this purpose as well and also redirect messages to your phone. The feature has not been verified yet. It also claims that the stealth Genie can help you send messages from your phone to any contacts of the person whose phone is being tracked without the knowledge of that person. Another unverified feature.

There is a Spycall option on the Mobistealth software which means that you can listen in to conversations and surrounding even if the device is not being used for a call. Stealth Genie can do this function of bugging as well.

Mobistealth can be used to see the person’s calender details so that you can know any scheduled meeting before hand. The phone’s location can also be immediately noted using the GPS feature of the Mobistealth. This will help you find its location and also to remotely wipe the phone’s memory.

Mobistealth has a feature called the reverse phone look up which can be used to find the identity of the person who uses an unknown phone number to contact you. You can use this tool of the Mobistealth software without answering the phone to know who the person is. You can get their name, address, age, gender, etc. this option is not available on the Stealth Genie.

Mobistealth can work on any version of iPhone while Stealth Genie can work only upto the version 6.0. Stealth Genie cannot block any websites. Stealth Genie does not let the person from installing apps on the phone either. Mobistealth is the better option in all aspects. Mobistealth works as a better phone tracker than Stealth Genie with full tech support as well.

Mobistealth android parental control software

Mobistealth is a Surveillance software used for security purposes but like any other software used for security purposes, there are many other uses including the wrong ones. Mobile phones today are one of the few gadgets everyone carries to work or school. Do you know that the most amount of communication done today are over the mobile phones next to the internet? Tracking mobile phones of your loved ones is no more a secret mission but a responsibility. There are plenty of parental control softwares for the PC usage and internet usage from a computer. But what for mobile phones. Do you know any parental control for your mobile phones or for your child’s mobile phone. Mobistealth is a great parental control software for all phones including smartphones like android.


Android is one of the market leaders today and android parental control softwares are always making rounds. Choosing the right one with the right features is key to ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Mobistealth android parental control software enables you to track your child’s android mobile phone from your computer or any other computer in the world. Check what your child is browsing from their phone, whom the are calling and texting and why even check their photographs and videos without even their knowledge. You can surely check out where they are hanging without leaving your home and at the comfort of your chair, you can hear conversations without them knowing one bit of what is happening. All this is possible with the Android parental control software by mobistealth. 

For more information and deatailed list of features, check out the link below at the mobistealth website.

Mobistealth cell phone snooping software

Snooping may not be the right term for most purposes. Mobistealth is one of the most innovative security software used for surveillance today. Targeted on mobile phone users, mostly kids, the Mobistealth cell phone snooping software comes with a range of features and abilities to install in almost all platforms of mobile phones. Well with mobile phones, we intend to say the Smartphones today. The mobile phone industry claims that most of the mobile phones today have advanced features like video calls, Ability to install custom softwares among others. platforms like Android, IOS and Symbian are no news today. Over a 60% of mobile phone users have access to internet. With that comes the possibility of vulnerability.


Kids who are not of legal age are prone to mobile phone bullying, harassing, Sexual content and explicit videos which are not legal. Monitoring phones has become a necessity and its more of a security issue today. Mobilstealth The cell phone snooping software enables you to monitor every message, Calls, Videos and Photographs on your child’s mobile phone the moment you install it. It also has the ability to locate a mobile phone at any point of time to ensure that your child is in school while he/she says that they are in school and not partying in a club. Other features include remote calling to help you hear the surroundings of the user without the knowledge of the user.

For more information on Mobistealth, The cell phone Snooping software, check out the mobistealth website at the link below.

Mobistealth full download

Mobistealth the leading Spy software is now available For download from . Mobistealth comes for multiple platforms and comes in 3 different versions. Each package is different and the Mobistealth Pro-X is the most advanced. The mobistealth Pro-x is available currently for Android platforms.


Mobistealth Full download for Iphone is available in 2 different versions and the prices vary depending on the duration of the package you choose. The full price chart is available on the download page (click Download now below). The software comes with a 30 Day Return . Mobistealth also has a demo section on how the software works. Other services provided by mobistealth include a Reverse phone Spy and A computer spy program. All softwareres have  a seperate license.

For more details on Mobistealth, click the Download now Button Below.

Mobistealth – Text messaging spy software at its best

Mobistealth, The perfect text messaging spy software for any platform. Today the smartphone industry has grown a wide range. There are a range of operating systems and various vendors creating their own kind of platform too. The most prominent ones of course are Android, Iphone, Symbian and Windows. Over 40% of the market share today goes to android in the mobile phone industry. That said , Tracking down and spying phones were a nightmare for people considering the various platforms. Today its easy with one software, Mobistealth.

Mobistealth is a perfect Spy software to track down everything from Phone calls, Recording phone calls, Tracking down locations and tracking Text messages. Its one of the few text messaging spy software which goes wide to say the Blackberry messenger and even the whats app messenger spying.

Mobistealth is a product which has been tested in various platforms now. So it doesn’t matter what kind of mobile phone the end user is using , If its a smart phone, then its quite easily spy-able. That said , Mobistealth is to be used with caution and using it without knowing the rules of the land may put you in trouble. Over all the text messaging Spy software , Mobistealth is one of the best choices to spy on messages and Phones ranging from Android to Blackberry, Iphone to windows. If you are looking for a text messaging spy software, Then its got to be Mobistealth