Cell phone location tracking – Mobistealth

Mobistealth is one of the mobile spywares in the market that helps you to track the location of the targeted cell phone user with a simple click.


Tracking the cell location with Mobistealth:

With the level of features in cell phone, it has become easy to fall in dangerous trap of cyber crime or under people provoking drugs. This is often a nightmare for a parent.

Mobistealth is one of the top three mobile spywares in the market which delivers varied features to help catch a cheating spouse or a teenager laying his hands on drugs.

There are many features to Mobistealth such as:

  • Recording Calls – Mobistealth spyware helps you track all the incoming and outgoing calls which includes call recording facility.
  • Track locations – The mobile spyware with the help of GPS can also track the locations of the targeted user. For example: if your partner says going to the office and visits a cafe, you can track them instantly with the help of the cell phone. All you have to send is a secret message to the targeted phone and you can stealthily locate the area, the user currently is.
  • Messages – Mobistealth also helps in tracking the messages that have been sent or received in the targeted users even if it has been deleted from the inbox.
  • Websites – Mobistealth, the mobile spyware also works in tracking the websites that have been visited with its browser history, bookmarks, etc. This will aid in preventing the kids from visiting unpleasant sites.
  • Contacts and Appointments – you can even view all the contacts and appointments that have been stored on the phone.

How to use:

All you have to do is register yourself and download the Mobistealth spyware in the targeted user’s cell phone. Mobistealth works discreetly and won’t even be displayed in the desktop of the cell phone which makes it easier for you.

You will be given a subscriber ID with password from Mobistealth. Just punch in and you can track all the details. You can even subcribe to regular mails and sms alerts with this ID that provides a constant updates of the cell phone. You may be charged monthly or annually as per your plan.

Mobistealth works in any Android, iPhone, Blackberry or other OS such as windows or symbian. Make sure to check your compatibility before downloading the spyware.