What is cell phone (mobile phone) Spy software and where is it used?

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Cell phone spy software is usually installed on a target cell phone to monitor most of the activities that happen through that mobile. Different spy software packages offer various features but most of these spy softwares can monitor text messages, e-mails, GPS tracking, web history and also call logs. Advanced features include monitoring whatsApp, skype and Viber, social networking sites, phone surrounding recording and controlling the target phone. A number of spy software programs available incorporate these advanced features too.


Mobile Spywares is used to track children and find out what they are up to. Some employers use the software to track the activities of their employees. People can even use it to find out if their spouses or lovers are cheating on them. It is much cheaper than using spies to track their activities.

Which phones support spy software?

Most of the spy software will work on all iphones, blackberry, android phones and all tablets running on android and also ipads. All phones must have an Internet connection and also a compatible operating system to run the spy software.
All iphones have to be jail broken (changing the operating system by downloading a simple software) for Spy software to work since Apple does not allow third party apps to run on its iphones.
Rooting the android phones may be necessary to run advanced tracking options like whatsApp, Gmail etc.

Is it legal to track phones?

It is illegal to track phones of others unless you own those phones. Cell phones of children may be tracked by their parents legally, but when employers track the cell phones of their employees, they have to be informed that their phones might be tracked. It is however legal to sell mobile spy software.

General Features of Mobile spy software

Cell phone (Mobile phone) spy software has a number of features which include

  • view all text messages
  • the software allows to listen to all conversation by recording them. It can also track the phone numbers and time and duration of calls. Call logs can also be reviewed.
  • the microphone activation feature allows the tracking person to call the tracked phone and listen to what is going on around that area.
  • the GPS location tracking allows to see all the locations on the map where the tracked person has gone
  • can monitor the browser history to see the online locations visited
  • view all the emails sent and received and also all the videos and images stored in the control panel