Mobistealth – Mobile Phone Monitoring Software

Cell phone monitoring software or mobile spyware as commonly known is cell phone monitoring application which monitors the activities that are carried out through the device. Mobile spyware is a powerful tool which has some really advanced functions which are not clearly aware by the users. This software mainly aimed at parents and employers who wants to have a control on the usage of the devices as technology is really advanced which made these devices capable of a lot of things.


The term spyware actually misleads customers as it makes them think it spies on technological devices without permission but actually the software is just used for the monitoring of activities carried out through the device. The main aim is to enable parents to monitor their kids cell phones and also for employers to keep an eye on the company provided cell phones for any malpractice.
Mobile Spyware or the Cell phone monitoring software provides a large range of functions. The basic functions provided by basic monitoring software are:

  • SMS tracking: The software the tracks the movements of SMS by recording the details of the messages like the parties, time and the content of the messages.
  • Call Logs: The software records the information of all the calls that the person is involved in and is stored along with the time and the information of the parties involved. The software stores this information in a specialized database which can be accessed by the concerned person anytime.
  • Files: The software also keeps a track on the files which is stored in the device. The files stored can be images, videos, contacts etc. The software keeps a mirror image of these files for the monitoring purpose of the concerned client.
  • GPS tracking: This is the advanced function of all where the software tracks the position of the person by the help of GPS and gives the status on a real time basis. The tracking is usually done on a map.
  • E-mails: It not only tracks the device related information but also your internet related activities, the main being the tracking of the e-mails sent and received. All aspect of the e-mail is tracked and stored in a database which is available at any moment for the client.
  • Browsing: This is the next internet related tracking where the persons browsing habit is recorded with name of the sites visited along with the time and date.

These are the functions which are provided by normal software. There are also other advanced mobile spyware which can track information like tracking internet related phone application like Whats app etc, record the calls from a phone and store for future monitoring, can be used as a remote control to access the functions of the device, monitors the persons social networking behavior, create triggers which can alert you when the device do something like dial a specific number which is not supposed to be dialed.

As you can see Mobile spyware is a powerful tool which can track almost all the activities happening through an electronic device and can be highly sought for in the future where smartphone and other devices is going to rule.