Cell Phone Spy Software – Is it essential?

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Cell Phone Spy Software – Is it really essential? The purpose of cell phone spy software differs from person to person. The need of cell phone spy software is mainly to track the activities of a child, an employee, an aged person, as well as a spouse. With the advancement of technology, the reach of people as well as the availability of information has become much easier and quicker. The abundance of data availability has paved ways for good and bad behavior and conduct among different age groups.


Just have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of smart phones on different age groups.

Advantages of smart phone on kids and teenagers:

  • Quick updates on new developments around the world and staying in tune with the information technology development.
  • Easy availability of information related to any topic which ultimately saves time and relieves from frustration of searching from a library.
  • Having a good communication link between the related group of people like parents, friends, teachers etc.
  • Updated on any news through Facebook, Twitter, AOL, WhatsApp etc.

Disadvantages of smart phone on kids and teenagers:

  • Kids become addicted to mobile games which in turn stops their outdoor games. This addiction causes various health problems like obesity, eyesight issues and overall health issues.
  • Access to unwanted information through internet troubles their moral and ethical stability.
  • Teenagers spent lot of their creative time chatting on Facebook, Twitter, GTalk etc.
  • Easy and quick communication link becomes an issue when illegal activities are planned, co-ordinated and executed using smart phone features.

Advantages of smart phone on employees/employers:

  • Employees can have quick updates about all new releases, updates and current company policies from anywhere.
  • Access to the company mails is never a hurdle with smart phones.
  • Audio/ Video conferencing features makes it convenient for any discussions even outside the office premises.
  • Smart phones role and support in tracking applications have made it easy for employers to track their valuable assets on move.
  • People working on field use the smart phone facilities to record their daily working activities.
  • Live demos for any application can be handled using smart phones and hence sales / marketing people are benefitted.

Disadvantages of smart phone on employees/employers:

  • Usage of smart phones for other uses not related to work like social networking, tweeting, listening to music and watching videos.
  • Due to the open connectivity to all resources through smart phone is faster and easier, the risks factors related to privacy issues and management problems are also very high.
  • Onslaught of issues that are bound to encounter with lost smart phones or lost employee with the organization’s intellectual property and trade secrets is very difficult.

What has been viewed or briefed over here is a very small picture of the merits and demerits of the smart phones. All these speculations end up in only one answer. Have the best cell phone spy software or apps installed on every smart phone and enable the tracking facilities from a remote system.

Mobile Spywares silently monitors your child or employee’s smart phone activity on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile phones. Mobile Spy is very easy to install and runs in a stealth mode on the compatible device that has to be monitored. Cell phone spy software is essential for the current life-style and its support is simply great.