Download Stealthgenie – Spyware applications

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With Stealthgenie, you can monitor any android phone, blackberry phone or iPhone invisibly. The targeted phone user will not even know that his phone is being tracked. It is like you will have the complete access to that phone and you can use it to do anything. You can text a person or read message that the target receives. You can call any person saved in the target phone’s contact, get their details and also save the conversation log in to your computer or hear it through online Stealthgenie control panel. Stealthgenie is easy to install on the phone. To view the uploaded information details and exact location, you need to install this software and then login. To view the uploaded details, you can view it from any place provided you need an internet connection.


Stealthgenie spyware applications include:

  • Stealthgenie monitors all the calls in the target phone. They include both incoming calls and outgoing calls. Once the Stealthgenie is installed, the person can make calls and text to any contacts the target has. The target user will not even come to know about this. The contacts will think as if the target user is sending message or calling.
  • Stealthgenie keeps record of all the messages in the phones. Be it the message received or message sent. The details of each message including their date, time and contents can be viewed. The messages can be saved in the computer or through Stealthgenie control panel.
  • This software can be used to read the emails sent and received by the target. If those emails contain any files attached, those files can also be viewed and saved
  • The internet browsing history of the target user can be easily accessed. The sites which he referred for, checked for at which time , date and day etc.
  • The GPS location can be tracked using Stealthgenie. This is more useful when the situations of crime arise or anything wrong is happened. The exact location of where the target is currently located can be known.
  • Stealthgenie provides easy access to chat conversations. All files sent through any chats be it FB, Whatsapp, BBM, Skype etc can be viewed, their full chat history, contents in the conversation will be known
  • It monitors all the contacts saved in the target’s phone. Makes use of these contacts to send message and call them, Neither the contacts not the target will know that the phone is being tracked.