Eblaster mobile software reviews

Eblaster mobile software reviews

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Take a look at the eblaster mobile software reviews and what people have to say about it before going and buying out this product.


eBlaster is a mobile software that is recommended for android and blackberry smart phones. With the rise of technology, there have been threats regarding unpleasant tour of websites, conversations etc., it is not easy for parents to track their children’s daily whereabouts. Hence, mobile software that works discreetly without giving a hint to the children that they are being monitored. With the help of GPS tracker, mobile spy software works fast and easy providing you with every detail that you want to know including their current location. So if your teenager is in a cafe and claims that he is at school, no need to send a bloodhound. Just track him with eblaster mobile software.

There have been many eblaster mobile software reviews from real users in many websites. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of what they have to say.

eblaster mobile software reviews – Pros:

Just like any other mobile software in the market, eblaster contains all the basic features you need in a mobile spyware. eblaster mobile software shows detail of all incoming/outgoing calls, call duration along with the time. You can even read the text message sent or received. If your teenager is using a blackberry, it can track the blackberry messenger chats.

It works in stealth mode and is not displayed on the desktop of the targeted user’s phone.

eblaster mobile software reviews – Cons:

On the downside, it cant track the contact list or address book in the phone. Many eblaster mobile software reviews claim that it is even unable to track events in the calender, bookmarks of webpages etc. Another con side is eblaster cant detect if some one tampers with the phone or even changes the sim. Unlike many mobile software such as Mobistealth or mSpy, it does not block websites that are unpleasant. Even blocking suspicious phone numbers is not available with eblaster.

Overall eblaster mobile software reviews:

Bottomline, it can be used for monitoring the basic uses of phone but if you are looking for more features, I suggest you can move somewhere else.