eBlaster Mobile Tracking Software Reviews

eBlaster Mobile Tracking Software Reviews

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Eblaster mobile is tracking software for Android and Blackberry Smartphone. Installing it in the target mobile will enable to monitor the activities from anywhere. This software is widely used by many parents, spouses, and partners to keep an eye on their counterparts or children. This will silently work in the background and no fishing software can catch it.

Features Available with this Software

  • The entire text message typed from the mobile and the text that are sent as replies to them. The transcript of each and every word will be stored in the account.
  • Accessibility to the web history from the phone. This will help the parents to know if their children are visiting any inappropriate websites. It can also help monitor whether they are wasting time on fun activities than studying.
  • The GPS location service comes as a basic feature and the location of the phone at any given time will be available.
  • All the calls will be recorded, with the time duration and the time it was called and when it ended.
  • The online access to the data makes it easy not to have the target mobile at hand to keep an eye on it.
  • The mobile settings can be done from the online account.
  • All the data will be sent to the provide email address every half an hour and this email id can be changed anytime.
  • The eBlaster mobile software will be visible only when the secret code or number is dialed and the password is entered.


The disadvantages of this software are the inaccessibility to the address book or the calendar events. There is no option to remote wipe any number of information or text message. The SIM change alert is another drawback and the target mobile may change the SIM and the person who is monitoring will be unaware of that. The lack of parental control may also be there for concern.

Customer Reviews

The customers are mostly parents who want to monitor their children. According to them, this mobile app has been a smashing hit except for the lacking features. Whatever features they are offering are of good quality. The lack of parental control has been termed a big drawback. There are spouses who have accomplished whatever they had aimed for while installing this app. But there also are people who are not happy with the app functioning and have failed to get through to the customer service.