Eblaster Mobiles – A Review

Eblaster Mobiles – A Review

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Eblaster mobile is a application created for the monitoring of android smart phone or tablets from any place. This is helpful in controlling the activities done through your smart phone or tablet from anywhere no matter of you are at work or vacation.


Key features of eblaster Mobile

There are many features which can be utilized by the user to make sure that their smart phones are under their control.

  • Text messages: The application takes a copy of the texts sent through the device. The copy will contain the number and information about the participants. IT will also contain the date and the time of the sending of the texts.
  • History of Web browsing: The application also keeps a track of the web browsing behavior of the user by storing the website name and the frequency of the visits. This is mainly helpful for the monitoring of the children using their phones.
  • Location facilities: the application also tracks the location of the mobile phone using the GPS or cell site location of the phone. This helps in keeping track of the children who tends to lie and get away to places.
  • Voice call log: This part keeps track of the voice calls and gives the information to the customer. The logs will have the information about the callers and the time of calling. It even captures the duration of each calls that the user had with the phone.

Additional functions

The above said features were the basic function of the applications. There are also many additional functions like:

  • Convenient and secure: the application is completely secure and the information is stored with maximum confidentiality and will be only produced to the user of the application.
  • Online mobile control panel: The setting of the application is made online and can be controlled by the client from any location and does not need the mobile phone to change it.
  • Stealth Mode: The application completely works on a stealth mode and is designed to be tamper proof. The application is not shown under the applications or in any android market ad will remain hidden till a secret code is entered.