Features Of Amber Alert GPS Tracking Device

Features Of Amber Alert GPS Tracking Device


  • SOS Alert – With SOS Alert, you will be notified immediately if your kid is in an unpredictable situation or needs a medical emergency.
  • Zone alert – You will be able to customize the most selected localities your kid is likely to go. For eg: baseball practice field, school, parks etc. Whenever your kid enters these areas, Amber Alert GPS system will send you an alert.
  • Breadcrumbing – If you are in a hurry, breadcrumbing by Amber Alert device will be most effective as you can set the schedule, time and receive alerts via mobile or email to you. This is especially designed for working women who need to cope up with their daily activities.
  • Speed Alert – If your precious one is travelling by a bus to school or any vehicle, keep an alert on your Amber Alert tracking device to check if the bus isn’t crossing its speeding limit thereby jeopardizing children to dangerous mishaps.
  • 2-Way voice – with two-way voice system of your Amber Alert device (AAGPS), speak with your child or have them call you, if need be.
  • Low battery alert – If AAGPS is functioning of low battery, it will send you an alert your mobile or mail

Amber Alert GPS Device panel comes in various colors for you to choose such as green, blue, classy black and pink. You can also choose a lanyard (with the same colors and sizes of 10 and 18) to match with your faceplate (panel) and hang it around your child’s neck. Amber Alert also comes with a pouch to carry the device in a backpack apart from hanging it around a lanyard or school belt.

Amber Alert GPS tracker offers you free apps to download for your android or iOs smartphones so that you can monitor the system while you are on the go. Currently, Amber Alert GPS has joined hands with AT & T but you can switch network at your discretion. Monthly usage charges are applicable as per the different networks.

Battery of the AAGPS device lasts around 48 hours although it differs on the territory one is in. For eg: if the device is on a school which is a bomb shelter, the tracking coverage will be very limited thus pushing the device to function more resulting in poor battery life.


Ruling the current US market with its latest features, AAGPS are quite small and lightweight so your kid won’t feel feel like he is carrying rocks in his pockets. With impressive features, the only con you can find is you need to pay more money to the features than the actual device.