Free Blackberry Spyware

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Blackberry Spyware is wonderful software that puts many parents and other professionals at ease regarding their wards, employees, spouses or even about their own cell phones of the brand Blackberry. This software is very easy to install. Get hold of the target mobile and secretly download the software into the target mobile and get updates regularly regarding the phone’s details and activity. It takes a lot of time and effort to create such software so it might come at the cost of a bit of money.


But for those who want to have a trial of what it would do, there are a few trial versions for the Blackberry spyware available. The software is different in the purpose and features. There are sound recording software, camera spy, software that has access to everything and anything in the Blackberry, a full bundle that has all the features right from tracking calls and emails to recording sound and videos etc.

How It Works?

The software is installed or downloaded secretly inot the Blackberry and simply log on to the online account of the spyware. All alerts will be either recorded, tracked, or registered will be sent to the online account and later sent as an email.

What Are the Features?

The phone recording spyware enables you to know what others are saying about you. Simply leave the phone with the spyware installed and switch on the secret voice recorder. The recorded voice will be sent regularly to the email.

Photo monitor spyware also works the same like voice recorders, once the application is switched on it will capture pictures that are saved in that phone and sent to the online panel.
The express package enables to keep track on all the calls, SMSes, emails, pictures etc that are sent, received or saved in that Blackberry. It is also useful to track the location through the GPS.

The full Bundle pack has got all the features of log recordings, calls, SMSes, emails, pictures, videos, and sound recordings done. All these features happen secretly in the background and no icon will be displayed on the monitor.