GPS locator for kids

GPS locator for kids:

Child GPS tracking device gives you the motherly satisfaction of looking out for your special one where ever he/she goes.


With the crime and misdemeanors rising, the world has become an unpredictable place to live. In a recent statistics by the federal law, it has been noted that report of missing persons have increase to approximately 500 percent in the last 20 years and nearly 80% were children.

All parents want their kids in safe hands, to protect them against any danger. However, we cannot be with them all the time. A lot of GPS child tracking systems are ruling the US market these days ensuring protection to your loved ones.


It is totally unimaginable to what can happen if your kids ever wander off….in a mall, big crowded restaurant or a zoo. Locate them on a GPS tracker with just a single click on your android of iOS smart phone.

With the help of a child tracker, you can:

  • Set the timer alert for ‘safe zones’ such as school, play fields etc. to notify you when your child leaves this area.
  • If your baby is taking a stroll with nanny, keep guard to the locations your nanny is taking your special one with GPS tracking system on your baby’s wrist
  • Speak with your kid, if and when needed, with the help of two way voice features used in brands such as Amber Alert GPS system

When it comes down to your child’s safety, quality is of utmost importance. Certain children require special attention such as kids who suffer from autism, speech development etc. Real Time tracking bracelets helps your children with giving that special security to look out for. Many kids who suffer from mental helplessness do not have the presence of mind to react where immediate action is required. These kids need to have that ‘extra-mile” GPS security that assures the parents of their protection.

Buy product that offers lots of accessories along with warranty. Some GPS tracking device comes with pouch, languard etc., so that you can fit it in your kid’s belt or back pack. Check for GPS service and non-service areas (i.e. the network functioning areas). For eg: GPS service works poor in places with high towers/building or schools / neighborhoods that are termed as bomb-shelters.