How does Mobile phone spy software work?

Ever wondered how a mobile phone Spy software works? Its a combination of technologies which makes tracking possible on mobile phones. The key components of mobile communication a decade ago was through phone calls and SMS’s.


Today , with technology rising to include a PC in a mobile phone, The limits , there seems is none. Today mobile phones can be used to play games, Store your personal information, contacts, Schedules and to the extend of making bank transactions, purchasing a Shoe or your next computer in the office. Technology and the rise of it has made things really good for many of us but knowing how things work makes it more interesting.

Not all mobile phones can be monitored in the same way. For example a Nokia 3310, pretty old phone, no internet and the only features is the simple SMS and phone calls apart from the Nintendo styled games. Checking this kind of phone and monitoring it would require a software which is really hard to get these days. But lets assume a Smart phone , a galaxy s or an iphone . Now the limits are getting a bit more broader. The technology involved with a smarthphone includes all the features of a Nokia 3310 + a few more. Let me explain.

  1.  Normal Phone + SMS
  2. Extended Storage capacity of messages on Sim, phone, Extended memory
  3. Connectivity through Bluetooth, Wifi and 2g/3G

Now mix these 3 features up and you have a real good Software which can actually be monitored.