Getting under the GPS skin:

GPS or the Global Positioning System aids people to seek out answers for their puzzles such as routes, directions, your own mobile etc. For eg: If you lost your mobile, use the GPS for tracking your mobile to identify whether it is stolen or not.


Can a GPS chip be inserted in a body?

Believe it or not, as per a recent study, kidnappings in Mexico are up by 317 percent in the last five years. RFID chips, manufactured by a Mexican company are implants the chip in the tissue between the shoulder and elbow thereby sending a signal to the device that the wearer carries. Approximately 178 clients have been rescued around the past decade by this internal chip, claims the company.

A number of applications right from mobile tracking to children’s safety requires GPS system. Majority of the parents are willing to implant a GPS chip inside children’s body for their protection.

GPS Personal trackers:

1. GPS tracker for vehicle – Vehicle nowadays come with GPS tracker allowing them to track your vehicle in case it is stolen.
2. GPS for children – Lots of GPS alert device such as Amber Alert GPS device are guiding parents who need protection for their kids when they are in school or out of their sight.
3. GPS Teen tracking systems – As per research, teenagers from age of 16 – 25 engage in accidents, violations due to high speed driving which is a nightmare for more those on the road. GPS tracks and controls the speeding limit of your teenager’s driving thus promoting careful driving.
4. GPS Doggy Collars – Collars and fences for dogs are available with GPS tracking system which consists of one transmitter on dog’s collar and another a receiver which you can hold. New generation transmitters even work on your mobile or computer guiding the dog owners to keep a track of their pet’s location. Few companies have come up with fence tracking techniques which helps the owner if their dog has left the confined area.

Disadvantages of a GPS Chip:

Rome was not built in a day…!!! GPS is still in its progressing stage. So, let me tell you that there is no such thing as implanting a chip in a person as shown in sci-fi movies.

Many people are misled with the fact that microchips can be implanted in your dogs and cats by qualified Veterinarians without any side effects, but sadly they come with a heavy price – your pet. A recent research was conducted by injecting microchips in mice indicated that they developed cancerous cells in their body thus giving a huge proof of risk factors lurking beneath.

It is actually impossible to implant a chip in a person for a simple reason – power. GPS trackers like SilverCloud are almost the size of an android smart phone and needs an internal lithium battery to get charged. Technology is yet to still reach those heights and currently is limited only to personal GPS trackers such as wrist bands and other tracking devices.