iPhone Spy programs

iPhone Spy programs , a software to track and log activities on an iphone can be purchased from various vendors today. No it does not exploit a fault in the iphone. Its merely a software application just like any other on your iphone which sends information to a set server from time to time or when requested. The key features of a Iphone Spy program includes


  1. Ability to track location
  2. Ability to record calls and messages
  3. Check Web Browsing history
  4. View contact details and other contents on the phone including Video and images.

Currently, iphone Spy programs are used by parents who want to keep track of their kids activity or spouse who wants to know what their partner is doing. Some company do install iphone spy programs to log employee activity to ensure correct usage of thier mobile phones during working hours. With an Iphone Spy program , a person could remotely activate a call to listen to the surroundings. Iphone Spy programs are getting more popular with increased security risks and parents and spouse worried about their loved ones. For more information on Iphone Spy programs check out mobistealth.com