Mobile Phone Tracking for Company Mobiles

Providing Company phone’s to your employee’s could turn out to be expensive but also useful on the long run. A well programmed and monitored cell phone on your employee’s hand is like an assurance to get 30% more efficiency as compared to a non monitored self owned mobile on the employee. Why is that?


A monitored cell phone on your employee’s hand give you more control over the employee. You know where the employee is at any point of time, can monitor phone calls and messages and more importantly you can always see whats going on in your company among the staff. Isnt that illegal? Yes and no. If you were tracking personal phones, thats illegal, but if its a company owned mobile and its for the purose of work, you have the right to track every thing on the mobile. now if your employee is aware of the tracking on his phone, do you think he would tell you that he is with a client in location X while he is in Location Y at a cafe with his buddy?