Mobile phone tracking location

Mobile phone tracking location

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This article is all about tracking your mobile if lost or tracking your children/employee’s location with the help of mobile phone tracking devices.


Sudden was the boom in the mobile phone technology with everyone welcoming a mobile phone in their hand with a glee in their face. It also came with its own good and bad consequences. Just like oxygen, we all need a mobile phone in our hands. With the act of cyber crime, terrorism, unpleasant blackmailing via messaging, etc., it has become necessary for us to own a mobile tracking device in case it gets lost. For parents or employers who want to track their children or employees, mobile tracking device are also one of the helpful ways that aid in tracing the correct location and effective parenting and management respectively.

How can you track a location?

There are more than one ways to track a mobile phone and its exact location.

Network based tracking: You need to work closely with the service provider and install the required hardware and software as per the operator’s handset facility.

Handset based tracking: Many smart phone applications such as UonMap are client software’s that needs to be installed on the mobile phone. It requires an on-going support by the mobile network and by using the signal strengths, mentioning the location as per the cell identification network, one would be able to track the exact location.

Sim based: For GSM and UMTS handsets, you can utilize the radio frequencies and obtain raw information basing on their cell id, signal strength. But do note that the information tends to differ from the handset.

There are other ways of tracking such as wifi and hybrid methods that help to track a mobile phone if it gets lost.

Mobile spywares:

Teenagers are at a fragile stage and require constant notice. Provoking them by frequent messaging and calls to purchase drugs are one of the situations which makes their life quite miserable and addition of cameras only make a situation worse. I hope I need not go further. Sadly, all these issues goes unnoticed by the parents.

Instances where an employee needs to use a mobile phone and required to travel can be misutilized easily.

These issues can be solved with the help of mobile spywares that are available readily in the market such as mobistealth which easily works in any smartphone. These mobile spywares works discreetly and can track more than locations. They contain special features such as tracking browsing, messages, calls even when they are deleted from their phone. The information tracked would be sent to the person issuing the tracking device.