Mobile Spy Software Benefits & Mobistealth

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Mobile spy Software or cell phone monitoring software enables a person to monitor the activities of a mobile phone on their personal smart device. Mainly used by parents and employers, the software allows them to monitor the activities which are happening through the devices. There are many benefits for using a mobile spyware as it helps to know every activity of a smart device. This software is extremely helpful for parents who can now be in peace by knowing what their kids are doing through their smartphones or tablet or an employer, who can ensure that the employees don’t exploit the facilitates provided to them.


Features provided to the users

  • Call tracking: The spyware tracks the calls which are made and received through the device. The mobile spyware records all the information about the call from the parties from the time of the call to the duration.
  • SMS tracking: It tracks the movements of SMS texts where it records every detail even till the content of the text. The records are stored in an exclusive database which can be ac-cessed by the users.
  • GPS tracking: Next interesting feature of the software is that it gives a real-time positioning of the device with the use of GPS and is shown on a map.
  • E-mails: The spyware also keeps a check on the emails received and sent by the user of the device. The records are maintained like the recording of SMS texts.
  • Browsing Patterns: The software also provides a watch on the browsing behavior of the user of the device. It records the sites and the time of accessing. The information is then provided to the user.
    These are some of the regular functions of a mobile spyware, however, there are advanced forms of mobile spyware which gives a much more advanced nature of services like:
  • Call Recording: The advanced features include the recording of calls for the monitoring purposes along with the details of the parties involved and the time.
  • Social networking Behavior: The software has the option to keep a track on the pattern of social networking involvement from the part of the user of the device.
  • Remote control: Now this is the most advanced function of the advanced spyware. The Spyware enables the person to control the device the controlling ranging from activating the spy app to even wiping the whole memory of the phone.
  • Trigger: This is one of the most interesting features where the trigger is set to a phone num-ber and when this number is dialed it sends an alert to the user. The trigger can be set on any event.

These are some of the benefits which can be used for controlling and monitoring the use of smartphones and other similar products. There are many apps which facilitate these advanced levels of controls. Mobistealth is an advanced monitoring software which facilitates the aforesaid func-tions and is available in forms compatible with almost all the smart electronic devices.