Mobile Spyware – Pros and Cons

Mobile Spyware is the new technological innovation which is gaining in popularity with its unique functions and the also the rising need to monitor the use of smartphone and other technically advanced devices. Mobile spywares go with a lot of names like cell spyware, spy phone software etc. People are yet to understand the full capacity of this software.


The mobile spyware is delicate software and has a number of functions which has to be carefully handled. This software is known for its controlling and monitoring features which keeps a track on the activities of other mobile phones having the same application. This software calls for compatibility of devices which you are running it and the ones you are planning to track.
Currently there are many application built for android and for most of the Apple devices. Some of the major features of the software are:

  • Tracking messages: The initial function of the mobile spyware is to track the traffic of the SMS sent and received by the device. The controller can actually get to read the texts as the text will be saved in a special database.
  • Tracking calls: Next feature is that it tracks calls and in some advanced cases get to listen to the calls as this will also be recorded and stored in a specialized database for future reference.
  • Browsing Behavior: The application also keeps track on the browsing patterns of the user of the device and records the sites that he visits and all this information is stored in database for future reference of the user.
  • GPS Position Tracking: The application tracks your position using GPS and records your travel pattern. The tracking is done in a real time basis and can be accessed on a real time basis. The tracking is usually done on a map.
  • E-mails: E-mails are tracked on the basis of the communication and the content of the e-mails sent over the internet. The contents are recorded on chronological order along with the content. The dates are also accurately noted.
  • Phone storage: The application also records about the all the files stored in your phone. The files may include contacts, videos, photos and calendars.

These are some of the main function of a mobile spyware and are clearly a sensitive application as it is related to the entering into a person’s private space. There are many software which available in the market which meets most of the above functions. Mobistealth is among some of the top mobile spyware providers.