Mobile spyware

For all those who get scared with the term Spyware, Welcome to the Good things about Spyware. Mobile Spyware can help you now to keep track of what your kids are up to, Where your wife/husband is going while you are at work and a lot more. Now this may seem a bit sneaky but shouldnt you be worried more about your kids and family more than you find this a bit more sneaky!!! Think about it. Every 3rd child on the street is abused with technology over the internet or through mobile sms and phone text. Kids are always into doing something wrong and being where they are not supposed to be.


Think about this. What if your kid is not at school / college while he or she says that he is there. What if he is in a music concert with his friends over booz and smokes. What would you feel if your kids drop out of school due to lack of attendance or even worse, bad behaviour. You can control most of this if you can keep tab on your kids. In todays life style and heavy schedule at work, most of us cannot afford to keep a tab on our kids physically. But help comes in the form of Mobile Spyware. Check out mobistealth a spyware you can easily install and monitor your kids movement straight from your office or home.