Mobistealth Best Computer Spyware

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With a wide range of monitoring software available online, it becomes difficult to choose a best product which consists of all facilities such as Mobistealth and PC Pandora.


Best computer spyware:

Currently, there are lot of spyware that are butting heads such as PC Pandora, Mobistealth, Webwatcher, Sniperspy etc. Lets have a look at just two of them such as Pandora and Mobistealth.

Mobistealth PC Pandora
Keyboard logging combined with screen shots Records visible screen content and keystrokes that are typed
Records all login names and password Records all login names and password
Complete history of visited websites Monitors and records all the websites that have been visited
Complete Chats done in yahoo and MSN logs All programs and applications that have been utilized are recorded
Yahoo, hotmail, gmail logging are recorded Mails and attachments are recorded
Any file sharing activity or P2P are recorded
Chat recording which includes yahoo, MSN messengers etc. Also records Skype voice and chat logs. Any instant messenger activity and chats are recorded


Captures images via webcam


If an employee takes any print of confidential information, PC Pandora tracks it down
Absolutely compatible with Mac OS, Windows XP, Vista 7 or 8 (doesn’t matter the processor or Internet speed)Records programs online and can be tracked using your ID and password Windows 7, Vista, XP and other requirements such as dual core Intel or AMD processor running at 1GHz or faster. 1 GB memory or more. You also need 10M – 15M of hard disk space daily for recording programs.
Although it does record the url or link of any website, it does not block it. Blocks access to any websites or applications installed on computers. You can also schedule timers for blocking websites or Internet access.
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