Mobistealth – Blackberry Messenger Spy Software Reviews

One of the biggest feature on Mobistealth is the ability to log  Blackberry messenger chats. Unlike most vendors, Blackberry chats are logged in pretty well and you can go back and track them down when ever you want. You will find a complete history of chats on the black berry . Below is the admin screen from a demo showing an example chat history on the Blackberry which was configured.

as you can see above, there is a different session created for each chat. you can choose from the session and see the messages in the screen below. Its extremely easy to use once setup and setup take around 5 minutes to do.

Note : Mobistealth requires the phone to be accessed for at least 5 minutes for the download and install. Blackberry Messenger Spy Software Reviews are from different sources and our tests are not final