Mobistealth cell phone gps tracking software

cell phone gps tracking software’s are available built in for most phones with internet connection and GPS Facility. The only thing that was not possible was sharing this information to a root computer. Mobistealth does just that. Imagine activating your child’s GPS and Sharing his/her location without even their own knowledge. You can find out if your child is in school or at their friends place at any time.


Keeping track of locations of any mobile phone is so easy now. You can get live status of the location of any mobile phone not just your childs. Imagine a company phone with marketing personnels. You could check if an employee is at work with a client or Sleeping at home while he is meant to make calls.  You can find if they are telling you that they are in Location A while they are in location B watching a movie!!! Cell phone GPS Tracking software enables you with information about any person’s mobile phone with the software installed. This could be your wife, Son, Daughter , Employee or just about anyone whom you have access to the phone.

cell phone gps tracking software comes with ability to be installed on android, IOS and Symbian, not to mention windows phones. All it takes is 5 minutes of access to the persons phone and an internet connection. Check out other features apart from cell phone gps tracking software now on the mobistealth website.