Mobistealth cell phone snooping software

Snooping may not be the right term for most purposes. Mobistealth is one of the most innovative security software used for surveillance today. Targeted on mobile phone users, mostly kids, the Mobistealth cell phone snooping software comes with a range of features and abilities to install in almost all platforms of mobile phones. Well with mobile phones, we intend to say the Smartphones today. The mobile phone industry claims that most of the mobile phones today have advanced features like video calls, Ability to install custom softwares among others. platforms like Android, IOS and Symbian are no news today. Over a 60% of mobile phone users have access to internet. With that comes the possibility of vulnerability.


Kids who are not of legal age are prone to mobile phone bullying, harassing, Sexual content and explicit videos which are not legal. Monitoring phones has become a necessity and its more of a security issue today. Mobilstealth The cell phone snooping software enables you to monitor every message, Calls, Videos and Photographs on your child’s mobile phone the moment you install it. It also has the ability to locate a mobile phone at any point of time to ensure that your child is in school while he/she says that they are in school and not partying in a club. Other features include remote calling to help you hear the surroundings of the user without the knowledge of the user.

For more information on Mobistealth, The cell phone Snooping software, check out the mobistealth website at the link below.