MobiStealth – Cellular Phone Monitoring

The World is no more a wonderful place to live in, like we thought in the fairy tale days when we were young. Its quite a miserable place with people of every kind. You dont know who your kids are hanging out with and you cannot be with them all the time. Having a nanny or a body guard around them all the time when they are teens could be embarassing for kids and expensive for you. A mobile phone with internet access is a powerful tool today. You have a range of options to find out precisely where your kids are hanging out.


  1. Tracking the location of your child
  2. Tracking calls on the phone (incoming and outgoing)
  3. Track all Text messages (IM , Chat, SMS …)
  4. Activate Phone remotely (and stealthily ..So you can listen to the surroundings of your kid)

and a lot more. You cannot be with your kid all the time but you can be at peace when you know that you what they are going through every day, whenever you want.