MobiStealth Features & other Cellphone Spy Software Features

Mobistealth is a great software giving you a range of features. Some of them are hard to understand initially and you would never know if you would want to use them … ever!!! but then you never know when you need that silly screwdriver in your closet until you need to fix that shower in the bath!! The more the features the better it is. You dont pay anything extra for all the features anyways.


Some of the features which are on the Mobi Stealth software are as below.

  1. Location Tracking. Realtime Location tracking with Historical data
  2. Call Recording (Both incoming and Outgoing )
  3. Spy Call (Remote Activated call to listen to the surroundings of the installed phone)
  4. Text Message Logs (includes Im’s, SMS’s, emails and more
  5. Video Logs – Track MMS’s all videos stored on the mobile and also pictures.
  6. Web History Log – Know whats being browsed at any point of time
  7. Sim Card Change – Notification on Sim card changes on the mobile
  8. Contact Detail – Know contact information (phone numbers and email addersses ) involved in the communication.
  9. Phone Wipe : Delete all information on a phone in case you loose it

Details on all the features will be discussed in detail over the next few posts