Mobistealth helper spyware

Mobistealth is a helpful spyware to your phone or computer that helps you to track your phone in case if it is lost. It is also highly recommended for parents or employees who want to track their kids or employees’ daily activities.


How does Mobistealth help you?

Mobistealth is a spying software that can be used in computers or in smart phones. With the high level of risk in cyber bullying, wireless threats, malicious software that erases the phone memory or hard disk completely.

Mobistealth for cell phone:

Mobistealth contains different features based on your cell phone. When installed, Mobistealth records all the needed information discreetly and sends them to your account online. With the help of Mobistealth, you can very well detect the locations, text messages, mails, call details, recordings, web browsing history, chats etc. The best part is the phone user won’t even know that his/her phone is being recorded as Mobistealth works in a stealth mode.

When you become a paid subscriber after successful registration, you can download the application that will run on the navigated cell phone and the app starts sending the information to the Mobistealth servers which can be retrieved by using your ID and password. Mobistealth works on any smart phone such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and other OS such as Windows mobile or Symbian series.

For Computer usage:

Mobistealth is available for Mac and Windows operating systems with a variety of features. For parents, the mystery behind “what’s going in their lives” is always an issue especially when you are dealing with a teenager who is frequently on computer or cellphone. Even for business employers, the efficiency of an employee constantly stands as an unsolved mystery especially when the well known fact that an average worker spends almost 1-2 hours on internet browsing through various websites and personal mails.

Some of the features of Mobistealth spyware includes tracking various websites by checking the history. Even though the employee deletes from the web browser, it would still be available online which can be accessed using your ID and password. Mobistealth spyware takes random screen shots when an employer browses.

Mobistealth software tracks chat logs conducted in various messengers such as Yahoo, MSN etc. and even records voice chats done in Skype. Keystroke logging is a feature that helps the detector to know every single keystroke that the user types which reveals the passwords and other relevant information especially in a company where certain people conspire against the company.

Mobistealth PC monitoring spyware is compatible with Mac and Windows OS and even supports the latest Windows 8 from Microsoft.