Mobistealth Installation Instructions

Mobistealth Software is Installed on a target mobile through web connection. So depending on the target user , you may need to activate data on the phone


The process of activating mobistealth on a target phone is easy. As mentioned before and everytime, Mobistealth requires physical access to the target phone at least for 5 minutes. You can ask the user for the phone to make a call in context of your phone being dead!! or may be you just ran out of prepaid cash… even worse, Your phone just fell on the floor and wouldnt start. You need to make a call urgently and it being personal you walk away to a personal corner.

once you have physical access to the target phone, access the mobistealth software through the cell phone browser. The URL will be provided when you subscribe to mobistealth. Once the software is downloaded and installed (automatically), restart the phone and give it to the target. Your job is done. Tell him thanks and start monitoring his calls and messages from your Home PC.