MobiStealth iPhone Spy App

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Smartphone is the most convenient device for everyone to have access to their mails, messages, GPS etc in a small handy thing. But as convenient it can be so is its misuse. Parents worry that their children would go anywhere at any time without informing them, so that their ‘privacy’ is not disturbed by their parents. This is an era of technology, where everything and anything works according to it. So, why not the parents also become modern in watching their kids. This is what MobiStealth iPhone Spy App does. This application helps to locate the particular iPhone- not other Smartphone. This spy app can be used for spying spouses, employees who tend to misuse the iPhone given for company purposes and also a great boon in case the phone is lost or stolen.



  • MobiStealth iPhone Spy App is a perfect spy to monitor everything in an iPhone.
  • Voice mails that are made or received may be monitored.
  • All SMSes, email or other messages are collected.
  • Helps keep tab on the GPS location of the device.
  • Tracks messages that have been sent or received through the various chat apps.
  • The log for all the visited websites is made.
  • Notify any SIM card change made.
  • All contacts details are taken.
  • Access to all the photos and videos in the device.

All the coordinates regarding the iPhone is received through one SMS sent to that phone and the details are sent back through SMS to you.

MobiStealth iPhone Spy App is available through subscription that lasts for two weeks, 3 or 6 months, named basic, lite and pro respectively. The basic option lets you have the log history, SMS collection, iMessage tracking, and GPS location. It is more like a trial version. The higher version of the Pro version is more advanced that not only facilitates the basic features but also provides professional spy feeling with getting to listen to the calls and even record the device’s surrounding sounds as well.

Starting MobiStealth iPhone Spy App

Simply get the iPhone that is to be monitored and jailbreak it to have access to the root system. Subscribe to the MobiStealth iPhone Spy App and download it. Log in to the MobiStealth control panel and keep getting the information that will be sent.