MobiStealth Mobile Phone Spy App Pro Version

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MobiStealth is a convenient and most advanced spyware that helps anyone to track any mobile phone desired. They need to have root access to the target mobile in order to download the spyware into it. Once it is downloaded and installed it will work silently without the user knowing. There are many versions for the MobiStealth spyware, basic, light, and Pro versions. Of these, the MobiStealth Pro version is the most advanced.


MobiStealth has come as a boon to parents whose children may be wandering into their age related troubles and are able to keep track on them; for employers who have employees who may tend to violate the privilege they get in having a Smartphone, spouses who are spying on their better half etc. MobiStealth Pro works on mobile phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc and also on Windows Mobile. But one needs to make sure that the software is compatible with the target mobile. The features that are available for the Pro version are browsing history log, details of all the contacts, SMS details, many apps details, GPS location, surrounding sound recordings etc.

  • All the SMS es that are sent or received are monitored.
  • All contact details, photos, and videos in the phone will be tracked and downloaded.
  • Any appointment details made in the target phone or bookmarks saved will be sent.
  • Call history log and voicemail access is also available. The calls can be secretly recorded with the MobiStealth Pro version. The number of the received calls can be back tracked and call them to get more details.
  • Personal email that are sent or received can be monitored with MobiStealth spyware.
  • The location of the target phone is tracked with GPS or through a secret SMS.
  • The most unique feature is that the sound in the surroundings of the phone can be recorded in your phone that may give an idea of where the phone is located and what the person might be doing.

MobiStealth Spyware Pro is also convenient for anyone to locate or erase all the details in case the phone is lost or stolen. With a single SMS all the sensitive details or information about any personal matter can be wiped cleaned. Alert will be sent even when there is a SIM card change happened in the target phone.