Mobistealth vs Other mobile Spywares

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With the increasing risk of mobile usage, it is important to secure your child’s life from cyber crime. There are many spywares in the market and currently topping the charts is undoubtedly Mobistealth. But what makes Mobistealth better than other spywares for example, mSPY.


Spy on calls:

Whether it is a cheating spouse or a teenage kid, it has become unavoidable to keep an eye for a partner/parent. Mobistealth helps you to keep a track by listing all the calls that have been incoming or outgoing. This is one of the basic that many spywares offer.

Address book/calendar:

Looking up the address book or calendar is one of the features that Mobistealth lacks while mSPY tops in this feature. It discreetly records all the planning or events that are recorded in the calendar.

Sim card:

While tracking the targeted person’s phone, it is important to make sure he/she doesn’t switch the sim card. Mobistealth contains a feature that tracks whenever the sim is switched and reports to your online server. However, the current topmost product mSPY does not have this feature which is what makes Mobistealth beat mSPY. mSPY also has a bad side that it can wipe out the phone memory completely which makes all the impossible to retrieve the information once lost.

Chat messengers:

While text messages can be retrieved by you from the targeted phone, Mobistealth supports only getting information from chat messengers such as Skype. mSPY on the other hand gets all the conversations from many messengers such as Skype, What’s app and iMessage. However, if you are opting for other latest versions such as Mobistealth Pro, you will find this additional feature.

Blocking facility:

Mobistealth lacks both the facility of blocking calls (incoming & outgoing) as well as blocking inappropriate websites on the browsers. However, mSPY spyware has the ability to block all the unwelcoming incoming calls on the user’s phone.

Mobistealth comes at an affordable price and is quite easy to install unlike other spywares. Do note all these mobile spywares work discreetly without letting the phone user know that he/she is being watched.

Before downloading, check if the spyware is compatible with your phone.