Mobistealth Open Spyware

Unlike what people think, Mobistealth is not an open spyware. On the contrast, its rather discreet and aids in tracking people’s daily activities which are perceived unappealing.


How Mobistealth works:

Mobistealth is a cautious spyware that is used to spy on kids or employees who are browsing unauthorized websites or using personal mails at office hours. Mobistealth keeps a track record of chat conversations, visitation at social networking sites, call and chat recordings at Skype etc.

Mobistealth can also be used effectively in phones to track your employee’s location or kid’s location. For eg: If you feel, you employee is making visitations to other locations rather than delivering the product which is to be made at the right time at a different region, you can use the company-owned mobile phones to track him down.

Mobistealth works in stealth mode which makes it easier for you to work it at your best advantage. The spyware when used in computers tracks down conversations, voice recordings, visited websites and keystroke logging. Through this, you can track down your employee’s efficiency or the situation your kid is going through and help him out. Certain kids are exposed to cyber bullying especially through social networking sites which can be prevented at the initial stage.

When used Mobistealth in mobiles, you can track your child with the help of GPS locator which displays the location that he’s in the safe zone rather than any endangered neighborhood. The same rule applies for employees who have company owned mobile phones.

You can view all the logs online while using your unique ID and password. Do note that though Mobistealth tracks all the daily recordings of websites, chats etc., it however cannot block websites, external hard drivers or applications. Though as mentioned earlier, Mobistealth works in discreet mode, but it needs to be installed by someone who has the administration permission to the computers.