Mobistealth parental control access

Mobistealth parental control access

Gain parental control by Mobistealth which is used for computers and cell phones to track their kid’s location, text messages, browsing and other socially active chats etc.


Parental Control by Mobistealth:

A few years ago, the importance of Mobistealth may not be realized but the current generation demands it more than ever. Gone are those time when all you had to do is ask a teacher, friend or their parents to know your kid’s track record.

With the latest gizmos such as computers, tablets, smartphones, kid’s life has become a mystery just waiting to be solved. Dealing with a kid can be difficult especially when they stop confiding to you anymore and start discussing with their “so called friends” that they meet on any social networking sites. Its never too late. With the help of Mobistealth on your kid’s computer or phone, you can track their locations, text messages, call logs and just about anything that is transmitted from the phone or PC.

Mobistealth in phone:

If you are bothered about your child’s calls, messages, Mobistealth has the apt software to gain parental control over them. Just download the application on your kid’s phone and the Mobistealth app will send the logs to the Mobistealth servers online through which you can detect their calls, texts, track locations and other info by logging on with your ID. As this app works on stealth mode, your kid won’t be aware that his/her phone is on track. This also works if you have a cheating spouse.

Mobistealth in computers:

Apart from cell phone tracking, you can track computer with Mobistealth spyware for computers. This works well for both parents and employers who are often bothered if the employees are working sincerely.

With the Mobistealth spyware, you can track each and every function done by your child. Some of the features of Mobistealth includes screen shots, browsing history, call recording and chat records in messengers such as Yahoo, MSN and Skype. With keypad tracking, you can check what your child is typing which includes passwords and other personal information.

In conclusion, be tension free as Mobistealth spyware is there to help you gain your parental control over your child’s life.