Mobistealth Pro For Android

Mobistealth has 3 versions of the software running for android. The best seller of them all though is the Mobistealth Pro for Android. The mobistealth Pro for android is the intermediate version. A bit more than the lite and a bit lesser than the Pro-X. the Pro-X has only 2 features more than the Pro which are video logging and call recording. these 2 features are considered advanced and most users dont use it as often. The Mobistealth Pro has everything apart from these 2 features. This is the optimal performance software for most android phones, may it be a galaxy S3 or the basic samsung mode. If its running Android, you can be assured that the Mobistealth Pro For android is the best choice as a android spyware.


Mobistealth features the ability to Track the mobile phone with or without GPS. Yes , it doesnt require a GPS activated at all, but would work great with GPS on too. There is a surrounding sound recording which you can activate at any time to know where the user is at the moment and get a recording of the surrounding sound. So you could know if the person is travelling or if the person is in a Club with dance and songs!!! You can also get a Location through SMS apart from a SIM change Notification if and when it occurs.

All other standard features are obviously linked in including a SMS log , call long and more. For a complete list of all the features on a mobistealth Pro For android software, check out the mobistealth website at