Mobistealth Pro For Iphone

Mobistealth for Iphone comes in 2 variations. The Mobistealth Lite and the Mobistealth Pro. The mobistealth Lite is a great software but with some limitations. The mobistealth pro on the other hand leaves you with more control over the user’s mobile phone and helps you track a wider range of activities. As with Most smartphones, Iphone included, there are plenty of Internet activities going on. It Wouldnt be amazing if people used softwares like Whatsapp or an email client to communicate with others. Limiting only to SMS Tracking is old age and thats what most people with the Lite version of the Mobistealth would get. With The mobistealth Pro You can track down Email messages and whatsapp messenger. This is one of the best features on mobistealth Pro which makes most people pay the extra few bucks.


Video’s are the second thing which makes mobile phone users trendier. Every person who buys a mobile phone would ask if there is a camera inbuilt and what resolution it is. Is it 2 MP (megapixel) or 5 MP. Could i get better resolution cameras? Now with a camera on your mobile phone you could do a range of things and some people are really concerned of the pictures their loved ones take. Mobisteatlh pro for Iphone helps track these Photographs and logs them for you to access.

Yet another feature of Mobistealth pro For Iphone includes the ability to Record surrounding sounds by remote calling the iphone. Imagine listening to a mobile phone user’s surrounding without them being aware of it. Thats Creepy!! but could be helpful when you want to know where your kid is at 9 in the evening.!