Mobistealth Pro For Nokia Symbian

Mobistealth Pro For nokia comes With those few features which enables tracking of internet activities Apart from a sim card change notifications. Nokia was once upon a time the Mobile phone for SMS’s. The easy key pad features and the usability won many customers and was once declared the best of mobile phones at that time. Things have changed and technology took a great right turn in the late 2000’s. Nokia was ok, but Iphones and Android took the stage. Smart phones were the talk of the time. Nokia was forced to change and thus it did but not a lot.


Current nokia phones run Android and Windows. But most phones still run a software called Symbian which is primarily a Nokia’s intelectual property. Not many softwares run on this platform but for the few developed by nokia. So if you are lookign for a Spy software to run on a Nokia , chances are , you are out of luck. So far!! With mobistealth pro, you just got upped a bit and now you can spy on your son’s / daughter’s mobile phone even if its running on Symbia.

With Mobistealth Pro for Symbian you could do some of the additional features like Email logging, Picture logging and Spy calling (to listen to the surroundings without the mobile user knowing about it and not even picking the call!). Mobistealth pro for Symbian also comes with the Sim change Notification Facility. For full features of Mobistealth pro for Symbian check out the mobistealth website for more information.