Mobistealth Pro Vs Prox

Now Mobistealth comes with 3 Varied versions. The Lite , Which is the basic, The Mobistealth Pro, which is intermediate and the Mobistealth Pro-x. Among the 3, Mobistealth Pro seems to be the most prominent for it has the right number of toolset which are required. Except for the windows verson of Mobistealth there seems to be a Mobistealth Pro version for all of them. The options available on the Mobistealth Pro version is pretty much standard and you could work out most of the stuffs. The Mobistealth Pro X version is available only in the Android platform


the difference between the Mobistealth pro and the ProX Mobistealth softare is very minimal. The additional things which a Mobistealth Pro-X can do includes, video monitoring, Recording calls and Whatsapp Messenger logging. Yes some of these may be really required for some of us, but then, most of the time you could live without it. It depends on what the target us using to communicate at any moment . Video is hardly used, yes but if it is and if you know that its used , then a Mobistealth proX version is good. Also Whatsapp messenger is gaining popularity in bounds that you cannot say ignore the option of Mobistealth ProX