Mobistealth Pro X

Mobistealth Pro X

Among the Mobistealth products the Mobistealth Pro-x is one of the most advanced products. Rarely used the features of Mobisteatl hPro-X is almost the same as the Mobistealth Pro. The only added features include the Video logging Features and the call recording feature. Now for those who have very little usage for these 2 features, the Mobistealth pro is a more apt package. While the Pro Costs $79 for 3 months the Pro-x costs $99 for 3 months. For a personal use, this may sound a way bit higher and it is usually. But if you are a person who is indeed keen on the features, there is little option but to buy the Mobistealth Por-x instead of the Pro.


Unfortunately the Pro-X Feature is not available in the Windows and iphone package and the Pro-x Feature is specific to the Android platform alone. If you are looking for the Pro-x feature on the Iphone or the Windows interface, Check out the website at here.

What does the Pro Contain as opposed to the Mobistealt Pro-X? Well the Pro Package is nearly all you will need at most times. Coming with Picture logging and Surround recordings, Appointment logging , Bookmark and browser history are all logged. You can also get Location through SMS and a sim change notification at all times not to mention the tracking without GPS Facility. The pro package is almost everything you need unless you need the video logging features.

The price for the Mobistealth Pro-X is justifiable considering bandwidth and space usage when it comes to the video package. There is a good load time for Pro-X packages and this costing is genuine. If you are looking for Pro-X make a choice now. There is little you can do with the Pricing but if you are not going to use it, we recommend the Pro Package which is cost effective and also one of the best sellers.

Mobistealth is one of the best mobile tracking and monitoring softwares available for a range of devices and platforms including Android , iphone and Windows. The Nokia range of phones now have the Symbian version of Mobistealth. These softwares are best used for security purposes and are easy to use and install.