Mobistealth Review – Is it a good Mobile Spyware?

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Read the Mobistealth reviews which says it all and decide later if its a good mobile spyware for you.

Mobistealth reviews – to know the product better:

Its a human tendency. We all want everything FREE. So when someone started the rumor in one of the Mobistealth reviews that the spyware can be downloaded for free, there was a chaos all over the websites with people looking for the option ‘free software’ or ‘download it for free’ everywhere. They probably looked for cracked version too.


Unfortunately, nothing worked out and we can’t blame them for the simple fact that Mobistealth is actually one of the topmost products that is reaping good profits with its very many features to look out for.

Mobistealth has not yet made that option currently available nor is there any free trial version available. But they do provide a money back guarantee for a period of 15 days, which means you need to first purchase the spyware. If you are not satisfied, you can return them and get your money back.

The main focus of Mobistealth is to track down all the activities on the smart phone and forward them to the server online. You will be provided with a subscriber ID and password through which you can access all the details. You will be getting the alerts through mails, sms or both whichever you opt for. The targeted phone needs internet on the phone. If at all there is no internet then you will be provided all the info via sms.

Some of the features include:

  • tracking down call logs (incoming and outgoing), call recordings
  • phone numbers from the phone or sim
  • recording all the surrounding conversations of the tracked phone
  • tracks if the sim card is changed or switched
  • keeps a record of websites, its browsing history and bookmarks
  • appointments, emails are also tracked via Mobistealth
  • it will help you to track the location of the phone (i.e. the user) currently is with the help of GPS location
  • any text messages or conversations in the chat messengers will also be tracked

The common benefit is any information that has been DELETED from the phone WILL ALSO be covered and sent to your Mobistealth online ID.

On the con side, it lacks some features that can be seen in other spywares such as controlling or blocking certain inappropriate websites. There are certain spywares which can even block certain incoming calls.

Overall, mobistealth is a good software that contains the basic features which you are looking for to track the desired phone. It also comes at an affordable price unlike many other spywares in the market.

Features and reviews of Mobistealth

Today’s world is flooding with new technological innovations in the form of smartphone and tablets which has the power to carry out almost every action which a Personal Computer could do a few years ago. Since technology is witnessing a fast growth the monitoring of these technologies has also become a concern for many especially parents who are concerned about the misuse of technology by their kids. With the rise of technology, also grows simultaneously hackers who are always on the go to track your personal information to their benefit.

Mobistealth is an advanced application which is designed to track the use of any electronic device for any unauthorized use of the device. Mainly used by parents for tracking their children’s mobile usage pattern and also by top officials to monitor the working of the employees. Mobistealth reviews claims that it literally records all the activities happening through the device be it calls or messages or even emails.

Many reviews claim that Mobistealth are one of the top mobile spywares (or betterly called as cell phone monitoring software or spy phone software). It is a sensitive application as most people are not aware of the real capacity of these applications. The spyware name associated is actually misguiding as the software is not spying but more of monitoring nature. Compatibility is one of the major issues as the application should be compatible with the devices that you are intending to monitor. Currently monitoring software is available for both android and Apple devices. There are many reviews about Mobistealth that opine that they work discreetly in the targeted user’s phone without them even knowing it.

The major features of the Mobistealth software are:

  • Text monitoring: The software records the SMS traffic moving in and out of the device. The recording includes the recipient and the content along with the date. The information is stored in an exclusive database which can later be accessed by the monitoring person.
  • Call Tracking: The software records all the calls along with all the related information like the parties of the call along with the time and date.
  • Browsing pattern: The software also records the patterns of your browsing behavior by recording your website visits along with the time and the date.
  • GPS position: The software enables GPS monitoring on your current position on a real time basis. The positioning is usually done on a map and is astonishingly accurate.
  • E-mails: The software keeps records of the number of mails along with all the related information like the time and content of the e-mail.
  • Stored Files: The software also gives access to the files stored in the mobile. The file scan be of the nature of images, videos, contacts or calendars.

These are the basic function and the advanced software available in the market can do more advanced functions like:

  • Monitoring social activities: Here the software records the social network behaviors like the number of social sites involved by the person.
  • Remote controls: The software can remotely control the target cell phone through programs. This option can be used to even lock and unlock the phone or can be used to the extent of erasing all the data in it.
  • Alerts: You can set up trigger words which can initiate any specified action. The trigger can be set even on a specified phone number. The trigger sends an instant alert to your device.

On the other hand, many Mobistealth reviews claim that it does not have certain features which is easily available in other spywares such as barring inappropriate sites. Some Mobistealth reviews claim that better spywares even block certain incoming calls.

In conclusion, Mobistealth is a good spyware that comes at an affordable price and possesses the basic features which you want to track the targeted phone.

Based on the Mobistealth reviews, it is quite sure that the mobile spyware really is a powerful tool which has the power to monitor every movement from an electronic device and can ensure the right privileges to the person meant to be controlled.