Mobistealth SMS Spy Software

In today’s World where communication is primarily held over mobile phones, SMS messages are important source of passing information. Being cheaper, precise and easier to communicate in a written format without making it audible to others near you, SMS messages are known to be used to send secret messages from employees to competitors, Kids & spouses to their secret lovers. With Mobile communication taking on the world in the past decade, SMS messages has had the privilege of being more used in companies worldwide.


Work environment sometimes restricts mobile phones and receiving calls are impossible. With SMS messages and Phones on silent mode, you could send and receive messages on your table without making a single beep. But all that can now be tracked easily with softwares and completely prohibited with certain hardwares.

Mobile Spy softwares are used to track SMS messages to and from a particular mobile phone. It does not matter where the user may be at any moment, you could read all the messages , sent and received from a particular mobile phone easily with a sms spy software. SMS Spy softwares silently intercepts all messages and sends a copy to a private server on the internet. these messages are accessible to anyone with a username and password (usually the person who installed it.) Like anything in technology, You could use it in a good way or a bad way. This is one software which can wreak havoc  and cause you legal trouble if used irresponsibly. Before you install a SMS spy software on anyone;’s phone find if its legal to install it on their phone. You may install this software on any phone you own though. This includes a phone you purchased but is used by anyone else.