Mobistealth spyware act as surveillance for cell phones, PCs

Mobistealth spyware act as surveillance, tracking or bugging software for cell phones and PCs. There are numerous surveillance features in the Mobistealth spyware that can greatly help you if you are concerned about the safety of your kids or about the activities of your employees or spouse.


The Mobistealth spyware act as logs for all the call and messages in the tracked phone. A record of all the calls made and received in the cell phone will be sent to the Mobistealth user ID and the call can are available for playback. The calls are recorded at the source. This ensures that any deletion acts can will not hamper the recording.

The Mobistealth spyware can also give you the time, duration and date of the calls. The number from or to which the call was made can also be seen. The messages sent and received from or to the phone are also recorded along with th e date and time. These are sent to the Mobistealth spyware online account.

All the videos are recorded and sent to the Mobistealth spyware software and any photos shred from the phone can also be seen. The Mobistealth spyware act as a total surveillance for all videos and pictures. The Spycall feature of the Mobistealth spyware act as a bug. You can activate the microphone to listen in to the conversation or voices in the surrounding without the knowledge of the user.

For PCs, the Mobistealth spyware act as a watch dog as well. All the URL ever browsed in the PC is logged and sent to your Mobistealth account. Even if the browsing history is cleared, you can view the URLs. You can also block certain websites and also prevent download of malicious software into the PC.

The Mobistealth spyware act also act as a GPS software giving you the location of the user. This will also help you if you lost your phone or if it is stole. You can remotely access the phone to wipe all the data on the phone and the phone will be switched off. The Mobistealth spyware will send you an alert message when the SIM card is changed in the phone.

In all ways possible, the Mobistealth spyware acts as watchful eye for your ward or employees when you are not around thus ensuring a complete knowledge of all their activities.