Mobistealth spyware detector for Mac

Mobistealth is one stop monitoring software to keep you informed of the usage of certain prohibited sites and undesired revealing of personal information on your computer. Mobistealth works in any operating system, be it Windows or Mac.


Secure your Mac PC with Mobistealth:

If you a mother, teacher or businessman, we can understand the concern of a child or an employee stumbling upon certain websites or revealing business information, evidently or inadvertently.

Mobistealth software is an effective and easy to use software for monitoring activities on any computer without the knowledge of the end users. Mobistealth is aptly designed to support any operating system such as Windows or Mac. Some of the features of Mobistealth are:

  • Screen shots – the software takes screen shots of sites visited or other information that have been accessed recently
  • It doesn’t matter if your employee deletes the history and cookies from the web browsers as Mobistealth stores all the links that have been looked into by the user.
  • Tracks all personal mail logging info in sites such as yahoo, hotmail or gmail or usage of chat messengers such as MSN chat log or yahoo
  • Mobistealth records all the activities in Skype such as chat and call recording

Mobistealth reviews:

An average employee uses almost one hour of his/her work hour just to browse sites, log in to personal mails etc. which decreases the efficiency of their productive work. After revealing in a meeting about Mobistealth to employees, it has also been noted that efficiency increased by 15% which is hard to believe but amazingly true.

Cyber bullying is often on the rise with various social networking sites such as Facebook. Another user (a mother) claims that she was worried about her daughter who was exposed to such networking sites. She was apprehensive if her daughter would be exposed to cyber bullying or some other unpleasant activities. After installing Mobistealth on her Mac PC, she was quite relieved as she will be able to detect if some one poses any threat to her daughter and can stop bullying at the right time.

Mobistealth comes in three different packages, i.e. 3 months at $39.99, 6 months at $59.99 and 12 months for $79.99.