Mobistealth spyware detector software: Find the spyware

Mobistealth is a very commonly used cell phone and PC monitoring software and there are Mobistealth spyware detector software’s that you can use to detect the presence of this software. Sometimes, undesirable people may track your cell phones like jealous spouses or rival businesses. In such cases, there are ways of detecting the Mobistealth spyware and many other spywares for the matter.


You can quite easily find out if someone has installed Mobistealth in your device and there are a few simple tricks for this. Even though there are many features of the software and it says it is 100% undetectable, it can be detected. The need for this only arises if you suspect spy activity.

The simplest way of using the Mobistealth spyware detector software is the most obvious one. Simply check the SD card download folder on your phone. Not everyone will look into this folder but it is a fairly open location. If the Mobistealth spyware is downloaded directly into the cellphone, you can see the “mobistealthv2.apk” in the download folders. You can see the SD card downloads through the steps ‘applications-settings-SD card’, but the fact is, the download folder is in different locations in different phones.

One of the Mobistealth spyware detector softwares is to simply use the FTP program. Go into the ‘data/data’ folder by opening the phone or if that can’t be done, use the FTP program. After this, find a file named “”. Mobistealth has the file and even if there is a security system in the phone, this file is present there due to the spyware.

The next step is to open the “” file and the files in this will show you all you need to know about Mobistealth spyware. The file called the ‘LoggedPictures.ser‘ will have all the screen shots and images that have been taken using the Mobistealth spyware and sent to another person. The file called ‘Configuration.xml‘ will give you a list of the settings and configurations and will give you the FTP address to which the information is sent.

One of the simplest Mobistealth spyware detector softwares is the common DNS search! Simply by using the DNS search, you can identify the FTP address origins. These files are free and will show you the IP address and sometimes the name used to sign up in it.

Mobistealth is a very effective spyware and if you suspect its misuse, you can easily detect it using these simple Mobistealth spyware detector softwares.