Mobistealth spyware network

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Your favorite old spyware, Mobistealth is back with brand new features. With the additional features such as Skype call and chat recording, GPS tracker, Mobistealth is all set to keep an eye on your kids or employees.


How does Mobistealth spyware work?

By now, everyone knows about Mobistealth and its features. Mobistealth can be used in any smartphones with OS such as Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Symbian series. You can download the application on any smart phone that has an internet connection network. When installed, Mobistealth silently monitors all the phone activities.

How Mobistealth spyware works is you can download the application directly in the desired phone after using the internet connection network. Post-installation, the application becomes absolutely undetectable and gives away all the information needed such as call logs, locations via GPS, text messages and conversations, browsing sites, history etc. which can be viewed online once you log in to your account with a personalized ID and password.

Some of the activities that can be viewed in your account are:

  • Calls Logs with confirmation calls – Mobistealth spyware enables to discreetly tap all the calls and confirmation calls that have been made or received regarding certain points. Please do note that call confirmation is available for GSM networks only.
  • Images or videos in the targeted phone can be retrieved for your verification.
  • You can record certain conversations you think are suspicious. This works only if the phone is in a limited range. All you have to do is send a message to the phone’s owner which will enable recording to begin. Once the recording is done, it will be uploaded to your online account.
  • With the help of GPS tracking, you will be able to locate the smart phone owner and the locations he visits.
  • SMS messages – Even if the owner deletes the text messages from his/her phone, Mobistealth spyware captures the messages and transmits them to your online account.
  • Call logs – By using mobistealth spyware, you can track the calls that have been made or received by the handset owner.

One of the major reasons people buy Mobistealth spyware network is to detect a cheating spouse or employee or for parents who feel their kids are having trouble confessing their issues to them.

Though there are lot of spywares, Mobistealth spyware network still is one of the favored ones. So choose the best applicated based on your situation.